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oh great! glad you found the issue! now enjoy the fruits.. :)

The Headmaster and his undying devotion to discipline is what makes the pandemic bearable! Will this be version 1.0? 

Through a rule (under other rules) in a Friday staff meeting. make sure your discipline are high else it can end the game quickly because the grades will start dropping.

Actually refusing the BJ makes her come to your apartment..leading to a sexy scene

So what happens when you give her public punishment? does she not change into the shirt in your office?

As with your other creations...sublime! I share the view of the girls though.. the rhyming was avoidable..Lol.. but it was fun nonetheless! keep rocking!

where are you stuck? specifics will help.

Yeah Ruth needs to be broken 100%.. ..I think the ideal future for her to be a vicious and lustful disciplinarian to the girls (whom she claims to care about) and a sex slave to HM and Debbie, A Super psychologist like HM should break her down piece by piece... 

Fun side note: The oldest character is actually Ms. Chang :)

Assuming where you are.. so excuse if i confuse you (this is the middle of her quest)

1. Make Rachel take her shirt off in the game at the gym (will take 2 games of shirts v skins)

2. Give her public punishment (NOT private) after school (catch her napping or ask a hard question) this will make her take her shirt off in your office

3. Purchase cat ears

4. Punish her again (private this time) -> do confidence building exercise

5. Spy on her room 

6. Reception scene -> teach her a lesson

7. Strip to underwear rule

8. Punish her again -> do a test of confidence

9. Spy on shower that night

10. Thursday afternoongym class (football)

11. Punish her again -> special homework assignment

12 . visit her room at night

13. teach a class (notice rachel is bright eyed) - > Lewd DLC auto unlock

14. spy on her room - distract and distract again -> reception auto unlocked -> teach her a lesson - > wait for someone else to find her  (sally inserts butt plug)

15.  Teach a class -> Rachel will come to you in the afternoon

16, teach a class -. ask a question -> Private punishment-> Choose Headmaster as the disciplinarian after over the table spanking.. lay her over your lap, rub her P***y ant use the new position. - > Give promotion

Rachel is now your PET!

Had to go back to an old save and replay the quest.. Hope this helps!

Learnt something new today!! Just like in my 2nd run I learned about the meaning of your pseudonyms! (Didn't hit the drama class till chapter 2 in the first run)... @altosandherdone... may I once again say you guys ROCK!!! More power to your magic creating fingers! Keep the updates coming please!

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One reply I got was that Patreon members will get it in 2 months or so, maybe 4 for GA.. The wait is killing me... I restarted the game .. should keep me busy for a week or so :)

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You can press "ctrl" to rush through...

 all stats can be modified using simple 'stat = XXX'  on the config console (shift + o)

like money = 100000

Hope this helps

Anytime...Any friend of SLAG is welcome with me 😂😂

Assuming you have passed the skirt rule

When Rachel is at level 1 

Remove her clothing & skirt. 

Position her bent over the desk and do a hand spanking and ruler spanking. Position her over Miss Newman’s knee and apply the ointment, spank her and massage her buttocks. You will then get a message saying that you have raised her to the next level (level 2). 

I have played maybe about 50 renpy games now. THERE IS NO BETTER GAME THAN THIS! Just the thought that has gone in this is amazing!!

 I LOVE the fact that you get to think a little and do stuff that is so well integrated with the story line, and does not just look stupid! Its not so easy that it does not give you a sense of accomplishment and not so tough that it is off putting. its just.. PERFECT!

I completed the game with everything accomplished about 2 weeks ago, and have many new ones downloaded, but I keep going back to it at least once a day to run another week of  mundane and sexy tasks... just cant hold back.. there are so many options!

I just cannot wait for the next update. I hope its substantial and worth the wait!

Here are few SUGGESTIONS for the future storyline

1. Liz is just too hot to not have a major role going forward. maybe there can be stronger punishments where she (and others) lose clothing privileges for longer periods of time. say a day without clothes.... 

2. Maybe include body worship as a punishment type (private) where the girls need to worship Ms. Newman (+ humiliation) ( I am thinking watersports, armpit worship etc)

3. Ms. Newman's aerobics class and Ms. Potts' (ahhh.. I love Ms. Potts) drama class are good opportunities for girls to be naked during punishment

4. Ms. Star should help break Nurse Kate's shell and also maybe Anna Dixon...Jane's suffering also needs a cure..or corruption :)

5. I know after school staff training is coming..maybe the staff can be punished too..would love for Ms. Chang and Ms. Potts to lay across Ms. Newman's lap!

6.  Debbie should be allowed to bring a proxy for the BJs, someone she can punish during the activity

7. Debbie and Ms. Newman can also travel to other facilities to train the trainers!

8. Make all the options (like the special ones for Amy and Rachel) available to all the girls (and staff)

9. Maybe (and this is subject to your discretion), enroll a tTrans /Futa girl for a limited period just to cause some chaos and fun (maybe (s)he needs to be always accompanied by an escort (say Alice)

10, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add more random scenes for the nightly peaking sessions and Apartment sessions.... not just triggered by special events also

I have many more, but i think its time to play the game from the top once again

OUTSTANDING GAME! perfect balance of strategy, visuals and  actions!! 

I completed all the quests. I just wish Liz got the PET role. she is so much hotter!!:) 

Look forward to after school shenanigans with AMy, Debbie, and miss Potts..Aaaaah.. the lovely miss Potts!

Any ETA on chapter 3?

Love love love the game.... waiting for chapter 3!1