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ok got lucky 8.7, I gotta stop at some point :D

Now I got 10.4! nice, this is weirdly more fun than I initially thought

11.6 ayyy

Its prObably possible to achieve orgasm by playing this game if you are extremely over excited about specific space games like this and keep wondering why you didn't find this years ago, just like me.

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Ok I tried saving as a .tf file (example: and then tried loading it but got the error: couldn't read template file. And oo a new version? I will get it and try that out. I'll let you know what happens.

Edit: Works great now! All good and thanks so much for your help!

No I tried that as well and still nothing. Here I can upload pictures to help show the problem.

Hmm that didn't seem to work either, it just says to save as any file and then when I go to open it it doesn't show up.

Oh thank you! I will try that right now, but I just noticed another strange thing. Every time I go to save my list of templates the game just has me save it as a certain file but I'm never able to get it back. I can see the file there but it's only listed as a "file" type. Do you know how to fix this? Or is it not implemented? Thank you!

Hi so how do we change the names of the bots? I tried going into the code and changing it from unnamed to something else but that doesn't seem to have any effect.

But either way great game I'm gonna follow all your progress and I'm really excited for multiplayer! thank youu!