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So I've beaten all but the last one... im struggling with it... any hints?

Edit: I found out what to do

I forgor that existed

Night started and Freddy was instantly in my office

Ive been busy with school, and also making other more advanced games

btw wanna join my newest jam?


Lookin back at this... I like the new game mode, but with the "Torpedo enemy" as I'm going to call them... you need a faster camera rotation

So I found a softlock
In the room with 3 buttons if you take the cube to open the door, then pause and walk into the room with 3 buttons then un pause you're locked in

Wait it was made in scratch I find that very hard to believe because of how good it looks

The theme is near the bottom and I just added what you are being judged on

instead f pong bad ripoff it could be called Ping

yeah I'm trying to fix that glitch BC I was in a hurry so I made the background move based off the XV (X axis Velocity) which may end up in him doing that

ok I was just giving a sugestion

what if you  are trying to escape the room, with 4 doors one leads to the next room the others lead to death(restart) and to escape the whole place you need to go through the whole place and every time you enter a room the timer resets

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dang I think you got first

edit: I already like the game cuz asgore speak sound

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ok It seems good but if you had a month why submit so soon when the jam started yesterday. I mean with the extra days you could polish the game up, add more powerups, or make different enemys, but still good. keep up the good work :D

edit: I just saw that this is also for the B&W Jam so what I said if for the d-game-r jam

ok btw I started a jam if you want to join here is the link --> <--

well i'm on chrome and my laptop won't allow Linux and so I can only play html games

Low Effort Jam 9 community · Created a new topic A Question

will it be concidered low effort if I make a platformer and use a complex thing of code that I take from something else I made?

wait this isn't htmlified which breaks your own rule

wait you (the host of the jam) submitted a game?!?! is that even legal?

The demo will be submitted to the Jam and then later the Full game (why the demo instead of full game? I'm busy over the weekend so today is last day I can work on it)

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there should be some where the screen is rippling, then rippling and spinning, then rippling with multiple screens

so my first playthrough I didn't know what to do so I found some clipping glitches then my second time I realized then 3 time I did challenge mode also IDK why but you should call it trippy mode instead of challenge mode

game releases the day your game jam ends

ok thanks for letting me know

Scratch Jam 2021 community · Created a new topic A question

So I'm making the game on an alt accout for game jams and if i win would the win be for my game jam account @25gamejam or my main account @25cscrog