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is this spyware


an overall very impressive game for gdevelop. i feel as if the level design could be a bit more polished and straight-forward, but that just might be personal preference. i would like the ability to roll, dive, and overall just use the down button, and the ability to climb walls with the x button. i do feel that emporada is a bit ruthless, and the escape sequence could be a bit more tame considering the level design, which is why i died at an s rank and never completed the level. i still really super duper like it and it is incredibly impressive game for gdevelop. best of luck,

- dillard d. funny

i need grape engine NOW without joining the server

what is stacy

lol nobody caer lol

love it, looks like a disney channel cartoon

game is real fun, here early for when this gets popular

people ALLLLLLWAYS talk about Dave and Marcello...

but never this guy...