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(I just noticed the words on ratings only show up to the creator, so I'm copying my review here)

This has been one of the most fun and engaging experiences I've had in a long while!

The big highlight here is the story and characters. They're incredibly well written, likeable and the pacing is spot on. You literally cannot drop it once you start. If you are, like me, into cyberpunk-ish thematic, MMOs and MUDs, philosophical grokking peppered with sarcastic humour, this will scratch all your itches.

Audio is about 50% in this game: the music score is delicious, intense and works directly with the story; the sound effects and mixing give the story a sense rythym and pacing and makes the whole thing a lot more immersive. I am glad I held out from listening to the OST before finishing the game, because every time a new song comes a long is a delight.

The art and visual effects are gorgeous, and provide the sort of mental backdrop for a text-based game like this that, while not exactly necessary, elevates the whole thing to another level.

The only criticism I have are the controls: random-typing gets tiresome quickly, there isn't a single tappable key that lets you signal the game you want to continue (sometimes the game expects any key, sometimes expects Enter), holding any key takes too long to start, and the Ctrl-skip key is good, but sometimes skips too fast on a large chunk of text, specially when there's a scene with only one paragraph in it. I had to go back a few times on a chapter because I've accidentally skipped an entire scene.

All in all, the game feels like a very well thought out experience, and is a steal for the suggested price of 10 USD. There's replay value here; the first play will leave you with more questions than answers.

Now excuse me while I try to get all my friends to play this so we can discuss theories :)