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Omg, I can't wait. Your work is purely Amazing! Congrats on almost finishing the game!!

Aight, so I got too into the game and ended up trying to find out every piece of information I could get my hands on.

Now I have a lot of questions lmao. So if someone could please humor me, I would greatly appreciate it x)

LHI Investigation Pad and Speculation (Spoilers)

Questionss: (copy pasted and edited)

1. Is it safe to assume that aside from the robot, someone or something else attacked the victim upon his escape attempt?
Clarification: I believe somewhere around the game, Beatris mentioned something about the Killer ripping out a metal piece from the robot in order to land the killing blow on Evan(Victim).

2.Might I also add, that Dr. Bridges also mentioned that the weapon that dealt the killing blow was neither clean nor sharp. Beatris also speculated that it might be rusty or old. If you take into consideration their statements, how was it able to slice ear-to-ear on the victim? Also by unclean, did the Doctor mean Dusty Rusty unclean or Mud dirt unclean?  

2. I think there is something more towards the Volkov Family's lore, otherwise the details about the major events that happened in the family's past would not be given emphasis. i.e. Ribbon and don't wait for me message.

3. I know that its just a wild guess, but is there by any chance, Beatris is related to the Volkov's? Jared mentioned something about last seeing Vika at age 7. The books say that she disappeared on 1918 and turned up dead on 1919 on the first part of the game, but when asked if she died ( Im not so sure if what i remember of the part was accuarate but) he responds that he didn't know. This got me all jackie chan meme confused!

4. The Painter really got me thinking on " Who is this coocoo??". I mean he's really out there giving me poetry clues, I'm even betting that he made the poetry about the Brick in the Bag. Then when he was last seen, he asked to give someone a message saying not to look for him. Also he had the RIBBON. Some of his poetries were very vague, almost as if he's addressing to something that is of the past.

->[Answered] The Painter is Evan.

5. Also who are these lines related to?

>Brother with Jealousy?
>Another looks down on me?
>Oh, paperwork bores you?
>Well,sis,it bores me too

->[Answered] Apparently it was written from Ivan's point of view. Poetry seems to run in the family :0

6. Why did the Killer let the victims body drip out on the tub? Was it to lessen the blood on itself? Also why did it change his(Victim) clothes? Also why did it wear the slippers?

->[Answered] Apparently it was so that his blood wouldn't drip all over the mansion.

7. lmao I'm really out here wondering if 01 000001000010 was some form of morse code, but then again I also think its some robot codes that sends out a command without revealing much to humans.

8. idek if this is relevant to the game but the doll near the creepy door on floor 1, appeared from the left, disappeared, then appeared again to the right side of the room? Any relevance? Is it actually haunted?

9. Idek if this is accurate, but on the intro of the game, there wasn't a knife in the middle of the kitchen, if so and there is a possibility of someone besides the robot and Evan in the room, then who planted the knife in the middle of the kitchen?

10. Aya. What does Pearl Harbor have to do with the game setting oomf

->[Answered] (Copy-pasto) Google 'Japanese Concentration Camps in America'.  Aya would have been an infant when it happened.

11. At the beginning of the game, the robots on the hallway kept on mentioning the missing #029? Is it a robot and is that robot relevant to the story?

12. I think Jared suddenly disappeared after meeting him, idek if its a bug or its just really the way it is.

->[Answered] (Copy-pasted) You ever notice what color Jared's painting is at the beginning of the game? Who else has the same 'color'?

13. Despite not being the founders of the Volkov family, the grave on the middle top of the graveyard looks suspicious asf.

14. When Nasha cried in the bar for (possibly) her brother, was it all an act?

15. Leonid Volkov: was his disease merely because of fate that had no cure or was it actually planned?
    Anna Volkov: Why was here documentary signed by Ivan? Did Ivan die whilst still hiding something?
    Sonya Volkov: Did her mental state deteriorate because of her husbands death or was it because of other reasons?
    Albina Volkov: Her miscarriage and Vika's disappearance: Coincidence or Nah?
    Evan Volkov: Why did he want to step down from his position? I figure its because of the family secret.   
    Yvon Volkov: His will was in a shady place lmao. WHy thoughh? And why is his will written so early? did he anticipate that the       tradegy would happen?

16. Was Margaret, Evan's Mistress?

17. Why did Evan think Aya was cheating?

18. Painter looked at Aya when he said words about admiration. Was it directed towards Aya or nah? Also he said something about being his brother, while looking at Yvon. Is Painter actually the ghost of Evan???

->[Answered]  Yep, it's Evan.

19. The Painting with the bird key. Is there something to it?

20. Was the creepy laugh of a child somehow related to the doll? If not, then what's with the child and the doll ( individually)??

(Added) 21. If the Painter really is Evan and his 3 siblings and wife know that he is dead, then who is he hoping the "Don't wait for me" message will be sent to??

(Added)22. If his clothing was changed and made to drip all over the tub, why was it a concern for the killer to not make a mess around the mansion? I mean if all he/she/they needed to do was kill him, why care about the well-being of his/her/them surroundings? (lmao I know its an irrelevant question, I just get curious)

Will do :)

It happens after the part of the story where you get to talk to Yvon. After talking to some of the  office workers, I reckon in one of the gameplays that I've seen, Ivan should be up and about outside of his office. Yet upon playing 2.0.0 I was not able to interact with him until the rooftop scene, and was only ever able to proceed through the story because of the debug. 

The Art is so beautiful T-T


Hi! I just finished the whole game with ver. Beta 2.0.0. and would just like to add that the game was absolutely amazing! 

Also I recorded every detail that I've found from the game into a notepad and would like to share it with whoever needs it. It has details per each character with speculations and questions on the nearing end of the notepad. Of course spoilers are heavily present, but its contents is NOT a walkthrough. Just details and questions about what I've learned throughout the whole game :)

Link: LHI Investigation Pad and Speculations

PS: Idk where to post this, so I ended up posting it here. Pardon for the inconvenience x)