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sage dalere

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please accept me and my rp partners ocs as a thank you for this wonderful tool

hiii! just want to say this is so cute and thank you for entering!!! sorry i didnt get around to writing this sooner!!

the Undertale reference makes me so happy!!! man i wish my bitsy game was as aesthetic and gorgeous as this one

no cause me too i swear this man has me on my knees

I got two endings!

cw: kinda spoilers??

As first, I told Froggy my name was Sage. Froggy got out of the pot after, the second time I thought and told Froggy that my name was also Froggy. That gave me a sadder ending :(

hey, boo! just curious, is there a way to use exits? its kinda wonky for me. (wont work at all..) ik this tool is old, but its awesome.

what system/app did you use? :o loved it!! prob gonna make a lets-play