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Hey! Thanks, it was a good update, I liked it! I liked the fact, that there is a text file in the virtual computer, too. Well, when I passed the first run-away scene, another checkpoint was near the “outside” door, which is fine, but I think, it was because I pressed a key. I don’t remember which key it was, but… that’s fine I guess. I passed the second run-away thing and got to the place, where I saw a “castle”. Before I saved, I went in, and saved next to a pickaxe. Then I found out, that this is yet another run-away. When I was doing this part, I went down to the place, that maybe said: “There is no ending”, but the crab still got me! It would be very nice, if the crab stopped chasing me, when I get the ending.

That’s not even the worst part about this, the worst, is that I’m back to the same checkpoint again and I decided not to save there. I would like to know, what key to press to place a checkpoint.

So, that’s it. I didn’t check, if the code I saved is working or not, but I looked inside the file, that I can press S to load, but I would never guess that. Maybe an improved title screen would be nice, like adding “New game”, “Challenge” and “Continue” buttons (or make the option to choose with arrow keys), instead of having to press a specific key. Otherwise it looks kind of odd to me. Improving a title screen would help me orient in it a bit more

Well, that’s it (for real this time). The update was not that bad, I didn’t even think, that you couldn’t improve the game from my requests 😀

If you’re wondering: “Where are the new games (and Puzzle Steper too)?” Don’t worry, I didn’t throw that away, but I wouldn’t tell you, what game is next (it’s a surprise, YK?) So, happy holidays and all that good stuff

And good luck!

Hey, Energy Pumpkin! Long time no see! I’ve been busy on making games and decided to take a break. Then I went to see, if you have any new games. The latest game I was waiting for is this one.

The game is interesting though. I wonder, what engine did you use. Maybe it was designed to be scary, but I was playing with no audio, so I wasn’t scared at all. I also liked the idea of multiple endings too (I’ve got two endings so far)!

But the biggest problem I found about this game, is the computer scene, where you can run the same game (the virtual one) inside of a real one: I “run” this program and then I’m stuck forever in it. I had to restart the whole game from the beginning. So I’d appreciate, if you could fix this

Problem #2: No ability to put checkpoints, wherever I want them to be. Why? Well, when I reached the “Hold X to sprint” sign, it was fine, I even passed the run-away with a bit of trial and error. When I reached the forest (where I got my first ending), I was lost a bit. Then I found the dark area, where I couldn’t see anything, until I get the lantern. I find the axe, then this crab makes the second appearance and I leave the cave. Then I realized, that this would be another run-away scene. I get killed by the crab and then I’m next to that sign again. I know the first one is not that hard, but it’s too tiring, when you have to do it again. So, I gave up on the second try and turned the game off (I hope the game is saved). This checkpoint ability would help to avoid the first run-away scene from being repeated

I also wonder, who is that guy, who’s in a hole. Is that an CSP? Anyway, that’s all the problems I found. Good game, but needs to be fixed a bit.

So, that’s all, good luck on fixing this game and Happy Holidays!

Sorry, but it’s too late

The game looks bad already (in screenshots) and it’s… I don’t know, but I won’t download it.

If you type in “plsssss”, it makes me less want to download, seems like a trap with viruses.

Ok, sorry. I thought you were an adult. Actually, I’m 14

This game is fine, but it’s boring. I thought you used a complex game engine like Construct or Unity, but you used Max2D. It means, that you don’t deserve population.

I know, I upload a small amount of games to Game Jolt, but why not to upload your games (most) to Game Jolt?

You didn’t told me, that I can move with A and D keys! The game is not bad and it’s challenging too. Even if I like this game, I don’t think I’ll recreate this game in Construct 2. I suggest you to create a 1D version of this game to get this horizontal movement.

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There is my art Click here :) The game is not crappy at all, it’s a nice demo! It also has this vibing music

The 1st level is already impossible to use. That’s PICO-8’s fault, because controls are uncomfortable

Clearly impossible

This game is in Portuguese language and the game wasn’t scrolling. What should I do? Where’s tutorial? How to play? Well, I can’t play the game.

I like the game, but the problem is, you left a link to Play Store, not APK file. I already left a review to this site and ready for the update.