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Thanks! Honestly looking back some of the puzzles are a bit hard but I'm glad you enjoyed our game :)

haha np sorry it took me forever to make but yeah if that doesn't help let me know!

the arrow keys should be how you move around and use the spacebar or enter to interact with things (if that's not working I'm not sure??)

Thank you so much! We all really loved playing Ib and wanted to make a game in the same vein. I'm so glad you liked it!!

Hi Nyx! I've posted a walkthrough here if you're still stuck on that part. You can use the table of contents at the top to jump to the section you're confused on :)

Hi Vampcute! I've posted a walkthrough here if you're stuck :)

lol ok this one's kind of hard, the english room's A can only be found using another room to solve the puzzle (the clue on the teacher's desk is the key)

Hi so this game is a .exe file. Are you on a mac maybe? To open exe's on a mac you have to use a program like wine bottler to open these files. If not here is how you can play the game:

unzip the Solm_v2.zip file which should open a solm.exe file.

Run the solm.exe file which will then extract a folder called Solm with a bunch of data in it.

Open the Solm folder and run the Game.exe file.

(sorry it's so complicated but that's how rpgmaker exports their game files. I hope this helped!)