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Thx for playing!


Thank you for your input. And thanks for playing!

Thanks for the input(and the video)!

P.S. The shadow is supposed be able to move when Skye is talking to the NPCs. It's how you get the potion in the village. :)

how wide/high is each sprite?

Thank you for playing!!

These are amazing! Do you have any plan to make more?


cool :)

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for your input, a couple of people have said that the camera was too zoomed in and that they couldn't see some of the platforms below them. I'm currently working on fixing this :)

I was going to add charging(gives you a life back), but I thought it would be too easy... Sorry if the limited lives took some of the fun away. :)

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Thanks for playing, and for the tips!

I used some of your sprites in my new game. They helped out a lot!

I used you sprites in my new game! They were just what I needed, thanks tons!!

Used some of these in my new game, thanks tons!!

Really cool, thx!!

Really good game :)


Could I use these for commercial use?

This really cool, only thing I would ask is if you plan on making a hit/death animation?

Love it!!!

Love these! They really helped in my new project.

Will do :)

Thanks for playing my game! I loved your feed back, it was very helpful!

Could I use this in my game?

thanks alot!!!!!

I hate this game, but I also kinda love it.

Used this in my new game thanks!

Used this in my new game thanks!

It should work now.

Really love your sounds! Can I use this for commercial use or do I have to pay you?