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I'm preparing for Steam Greenlight, it might be ready this week, you will receive a steam key once the process is done.

You got the diploma just in time to work on the nuclear power plant!

Of course you will receive a steam key once the game will be released on the platform!

I'm glad to hear that!

No hurry, the more you have to wait, the more content you will find waiting.

Tomorrow I might update the game with a new level and even more will come soon.

I did not expect so much interest towards my game and I'm doing my best to deliver better content in the next days.

Feedbacks are making this a better game :)

Update is online as promised!

I also updated the screenshots on this page so you can see the new colors.

Next update will be a BIG one, with new levels and mechanics, but I want to first make sure that the game is colorblind friendly.

Thank you for your kind words.

I wish I could also support VR but unfortunately I have no budget to buy it.

In case I manage to get one, I will update this game for sure!

Thank you for your precious suggestions AishaLove.

Changing the yellow indicator to blue won't change anything about the gameplay and it is a fairly easy change to make.

Tomorrow I will try to update the game with the change you suggested. If there is anything else I can do to improve your game experience, feel free to send me more feedbacks.

I think I got a new balance with the fire. It's much easier for me, but I played it countless times and I guess I became decent at the game so my judgement is questionable.

New version is available. Feedbacks are always welcome, thank you!

Thank you Jordan, I will try to balance it as soon as possible.


unfortunately this is the only game mode. Everything is balanced to make it possible to complete the level with a good amount of understanding, but it's impossible to go infinite since the components take damage over time and sooner or later somthing will break. The purpose is to survive the day!

Fire is annoying, I know, it's there to be so! I might consider nerfing it a little bit if it is a big problem.