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Derien  :P

Hi. Yes, it is, it's a play on words with the words Toot being slang for "farting"  and "Suit" a play on words to sound like the word "sweet" in reference to the stylized environment. The french version Toot de Suite means right now.

Hello, you can edit both the volume and the camera sensitivity in the options menu :)

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We have uploaded a polished version of the game addressing all the feedback you gave us. We hope you enjoy the second version :)

If you find there is no sound and the mouse is too sensitive please navigate to the options menu where you can tweak this :)

Hehe  glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks a lot, Glad you enjoyed it :)  We will fix these issues in our next upload.

Thanks a lot! We are going to put more work into polish this week :)

Haha Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks a lot ! We will work on the camera movement for the next version. :)

Thanks a lot Henry ! Glad you enjoyed it, we will work on some fixes for the problems you encountered for the next version. :)

Thanks a lot for the constructive feedback we will work on it for the 2nd version : )