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A flashback to the Tycoon games I grew up with!

Love the theme and aesthetic but just can't get into the gameplay 

Very fun, I like the style 

The end will be in my nightmares 

I still desperately wait for this game to roll back to the surface, such a fun experience 

Super fun, I could see this doing really well with a few more choices and abilities to debate over 

Patiently waiting for "fan art" to appear. . .

This game really gave me "nevermore" flashbacks, loved that game and was always worried with would slip away with time. 

Walking sims like this often go underappreciated but I for one love them.

It shows up in the properties tab in the file browser, it also shows right above before you click to start the hack.

Really was enjoying this game up until I glitched towards the very end. In the larger maze map I was flung above the map and was unable to get back inside causing a softlock...

I'll likely try to get to the end again eventually but being cheated like that has left me sore. Overall though I enjoy the game and wish more hacking themed games would be made. 

Such a great game, really having fun with it! 

So far I am 4 gyms down with my blue/red deck and love the gameplay loop. My only issues would be that I would like to see the cost change when adding a glyph before putting it on and a more clear idea of what the tribute system does. 

Really hope Nin- lets this one go for a while, it would be a shame for an idea as great as this to get swiped away 

Great experience, thank you for making it.  

I enjoyed the game, it was a bit crusty but the character was cute. 

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I kinda fell through the floor right before the "moving platform bridge" part... :3 I really enjoy the narrator  

Definitely enjoyed the game, a bit rough around the edges but I really like what i'm seeing. 

great game, very fluid and simple but nice level of challenge. 

This was VERY fun!