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It is only imported Asset to Unity:

Hello! Firstly I want to say you critic. So, What you did wrong?

1. You used MFPS (thats not wrong) but you did not replace old Main Menu UI, Credits are same as in kit, simply whole Main Menu looks same as in MFPS! Why you did not change it? UI is easily modular!

2. Sounds....... You know that sounds which were attached on player prefab in MFPS were only placeholders? That jump sound (placeholder) is really annoying here, also that walk sound. I'm walking in Vietnam jungle not on concrete asfalt road!

4. GUNS! WHY is in every class ONE GUN? BIG MISTAKE. And also sound of that gun... It is Vietnam War, not modern FPS shooter!

5. Map glitches and bugs! Why that ladders have not got Collider???? So I cannot climb on it! Big mistake! Why are not physical materials not changed on terrain and water, so footstep sound is same everywhere? WHY IS MAP SO SMALL? Again, we are in Vietnam not in ZOO!

6. Logo of game.... Simple open Paint and draw star. You need to make more atractive logo.

And now some positive things. Graphic and map models looks great! Also that jungle sound. Great. But these all negative things are highly insulting this "game" or kit or how to call it. When you buy kit, you need to change things in it. I really can say, that it looks same as MFPS kit or free DEMO. And it maybe cause low players online or easily said, nobody is online on your game, there are not players of this game. You need to go and remade this. It can be good shooter. And MFPS has potential to make great game. If you need any help, you can easily contact me, I'm making own FPS Multiplayer game so I know how hard is to make a online game. If you want to talk with me, email me at ! Maybe I can help you to achieve great game :) ! Good luck

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Haha OK :) THX for comment

Im using Gun Game FPS kit too in my FPS Game Last Action! If you want, watch this video from Update 7 of my game:

What HUH? Yes thats crazy Alpha Test without any specials, but it is old version, actual game is better :) Than HUH to this crazy game! :D