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This game was AWESOME! Very well put together! Can't wait to see what other games you come up with!

Even if this was just a small game demo, it was still really funny and lots of fun! great job on it, i look forward to seeing even more levels or what you come up with next!

This game was amazingly beautiful!! I would love to see a major production come from this student game! Awesome job!

thank you so much! I eagerly await :)

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This game was HILARIOUS! I didn't know when or where I originally found it... but was NOT expecting what I got :) Great job and keep up the awesome work!

This game was AWESOME! I love how you used the sound and atmosphere to make this game so intense and freaky - and highlighting the fact that the mind will make something WAY worse than any monster you put into a game!

I had to make a video on this one! Keep up the great work!

This game was a lot of random fun!

not too hard to get into, and still addicting :)