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Im going to start off by saying this is the first jam I have entered, and stoked about it!

Anyway, I am a programmer and I have a buddy to do art. The only problem is the whole music & sfx part. I know most jams require completely personally made assets, but is it required in this jam. Can I not use royalty free music?  

The game is too floaty, it is really difficult to jump onto a small platform or a goomba. And Mario will get stuck in the jump pose very often

My computer just crashed. Thankyou for replying back.

Well i deleted it afterwards because my computer hasnt crashed before and it is relatively new, so i was afraid. Im on Windows 10 64 bit. Maybe it is just an isolated problem though. I will try it again.

The game is still awesome though!

i downloaded it a couple of days ago, and during the tutorial the game crashed my entire computer. The screen was frozen and the music was working, but a sound effect was on a loop indefinetly.