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I think a cool addition would be able to take spirits to locations, like taking Ori to the lake to go swimming or something.

Hey you should add Puro as a playable character

Again, pregnancy is on the roadmap.

Whitecrocus has that on the roadmap

Slugcats, please.

You know what would be a cool addition?

Yeah, I agree. Maybe interchangeable parts for different penis styles but overall yeah.

It runs perfectly normal until I click on the tab and then it freezes for about 5 or so seconds and then returns to normal and keeps doing this indefinitely. Windows 10

Help every time I click the game it freezes and is unplayable please halp

it keeps freezing everytime I try to click on it please fix

I don't care how long it takes.
If I have to wait 50 years so be it.
In all seriousness, I love this game and I cannot wait for the update!
I hope you're doing fine and have a wonderful day!  X3
(Also please put slugcats in this game in some way, shape, or form)

In the main menu select "Mating Mode"

That's quite literally the only thing I truly want in this game.

This game is missing one thing...
we need a dateable/fuckable Slugcat
We need more scugs in media

I have so many ideas for this game It's not even funny.

The more I think of the more I post them.
(Most of them are pretty "ehh" though.)

Flo's spirit ability isn't bad, for her at least.
I mean, she can jump up and get cherry blossoms right off the tree

Stupid thought but what if when you had high enough relationship levels with multiple spirits you could have a threesome/orgy?
That'd be funny

These are the only dating sim/visual novel games I can play without wanting to die through it

I feel the same lol

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lol why don't you just steal the Codex and escape?

This is fuckin' amazing is what this is.

And even shit like sleeping in the same area like maybe inviting them to sleep at your ""place""

This game is god-tier wonderful it has unironically become my favorite dating sim/visual novel/sex game. This thing is perfect and it's errors make it better in my opinion.

To walk with them and stuff

Just another thought 'cause my brain is poopoo

There needs to be more couple interactions, like when a spirit visits there should be an option when they're leaving to follow them to keep interacting.

Top in the mating scene. But a bra and shirts would be funny

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Yet another idea
Would there be (maybe) a way to make Ori top in the future?

And I know it's already been asked for but female human with spirit top?
Again, I Completly understand if A: Not possible B: You didn't want to
Or C: Didn't care.

And also question does Sean have his own unique minigame like Ori and Flo and I'm just not getting it or does he not have one?

I think it's cool but a "bug" I found was after me and ori did it he then asked if he could see it like bruh you just did

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Do you think there could be more exotic things in the future?
Such as collars maayybee leashes and maayyyybeeee footjob/foot worship? And if so maybe a way to disable them if the player wants.
But if not I completely understand it's not for everyone.
Just another thought I had.


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Hey, just a recommendation
but what if there were more customization options to change what Ori is such as making him a fox/bunny/other animal maybe?

Or even things from different games like a Slugcat.
And maybe even different color patterns and options to color different parts of the body instead of just one.
Or maybe even new arms and legs.
Just a thought I had.