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No english players on english servers, only philipineese toxic players who I can't communicate with. Can I get a refund?


Can someone please explain what a battery does?

Hamachi is required. The Hoster's ipv4 addres is the ip for the server. Launch a map where you want to play with your friends, press esc and then press host server.

There are very few real time strategy games that I like, and this is definitely one of them...

Sorry for bothering, but are you still working on the game? 

I'm starting to lose hope :(

I like the new update with the throwing weapons, can you make them select able? like different throwing weapons with different range/damage example throwing knifes or shuriken's :D ( btw I dont know shurikens would fit into this game) but its your choice to make the game funny or realistic. Its definitely getting better. Are you planing to put the game on steam? 

I have another good idea, what about taunts? Example you press X and your character will shout something like, Come Over Here, and the audience (maybe peasants) will cheer you up or something :D 

I don't know how hard it is to program a game, or how long does it take, but it doesn't look simple. 

Anyway i believe in you :D take your time, if the full version comes out, I definitely pay for it 👍

Love the mechanic, its like Swords and Sandals with Real Time Strategy.

It would be cool for a dungeon crawler game, maybe fighting skeletons

and finding treasure chests..