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Had fun.  This is a good implementation of a pair with different skills in a game.  I was surprised how well it worked out.  I noticed that you did a good job of making winning the first few levels very accessible.  Almost like an in game tutorial I guess.  Great work here :D

Man, I really like so much about this game!  The audio is great.  The graphics and story are really good as well.  I had some trouble with the mechanics though.  Regardless, this is a super solid submission in my opinion.  Well done in 7 days!

Thank you for the answer.  In our case, the game had too many files and doesn't work with WebGL :( - 


I was noticing that it is a lot easier to play and rate the web versions of the games.  I made a WebGL version that is the exact same with the exception of changing the color space from linear to gamma in Unity.  However, this was after the deadline.  Is it possible to upload that as part of the game jam, or no?  Thank you.

I laughed and had fun!

Thank you.  Much time was indeed.