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A few other bugs i have noticed are instead of taking 30,000 yen like it's supposed to for rent it only takes 20,000 yen. And when i go to the VA school for extra lessons the money for each lesson (chara, tech, and sing) aren't being taken out either.  like others instead of 40,000 yen being taken for rent 50,000 yen is being taken. i hope this helps with bugs.

Found another bug on Hikaru's route i think.  On june 5th (thursday) you can do the kindergarten job and the next day (which is actually friday when the job is supposed to be available.) June 6th which is Friday you can do the job as well.

This same bug is happening to me as well. i just donated and it didn't withdraw the 10,000 like it should have.

what's the difference between a regular pc set and a 1 in all pc set? Also does the TV do anything? because i haven't seen it do anything.

the only things we actually get from pat are updates on the game, beta access if you're at that pledge, the game if you've been at that pledge, you also get to see cgs and wips of cgs, and if you're at the highest pledge you get the free artbook/guide book as well as the game but you have to be pledged for at least 2 months, you also get to see what cgs could have been included in the game, as well as first access to buy the left over merch products but that's all.  i don't see how that's unfair. if you're at the highest pledge that still means you have to pay for the other merchandise you don't get it for free.