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Devilish Inks

A member registered Apr 21, 2023

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That's amazing! I'll be there when it releases. Super excited to play the final product!

This is amazing! So excited to play it when it's finished. Keep up the amazing work!

This game is looking really good! Love that you added the ability to see your own hands.

Love how the ice cream truck plays music.

As an artist myself I love these adverts, it feels like part of the game. Only thing I think you could improve on is by having less white in the bg for the camper van. To make it easily readable. Amazing work!

I'd love that! Happy you're getting closer to a finished product, just remember to take your time.  :)

It's a very unique game and that's why I'm very excited to play it and make a video about it.

I love that you're taking time on the sound design. Not only does it let players know what the car is doing when not in sight. It also brings a lot more tension because you can hear it getting closer to you.

Oh okay i see where you're coming from. Happy to hear that you'll mix it up. Can't wait to play it!

In This Teaser, I noticed the car's headlights aren't on. In the final product will they be on? In the demo I found it to be more terrifying when they were on. Keep up the amazing work!

The Game has really nice look to it, but the game lacks in creating tension and directing the player.

This was a very refreshing experience. I've never seen a horror game like this. The concept is truly unique and I'm happy to hear that the developer is working on creating a full game out of this.