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Devil Wolve

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Is the child gonna ask Arthur's wife to adopt him °^°

I love these stories it's always a wow 😊

damn got into it and and cliffhanger why it was just getting to the juicy part where there's yelling and laughing at the little drama

but I loved it please continue this whenever you want it is a fantastic storyline 😊😸

I loved the part of "are you taking a piss right now" to the servant who was so mad 😹

Series of the Wild love it ^^

damn cliffhanger are disappointing to me I was into the story since 4AM 😿

but I loved the story by the way keep up the amazing scifi world work 😊😸

love the game but the teaser is when Trey is a girl and you can't do anything unlike Brad lol 😹

Your welcome can't wait for more of this game I'm already wandering about what next in there adavender 😸

Let me slap that smug smirk off the uncle face lol but I loved it nothing less keep up the good work 😸

damn I thought that there were a free one for 2 of this game oh well the first one was fun and I like it keep up the great work my dude the art was amazing by the way 😊😋