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Devil Wolve

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I can't wait for more of this story ^^

I hope there's gonna be a book 2 and maybe 3 loved it ^^

oh ok thxz :3

they think it's funny when I try to give them the diamond lol 🤣

ok thxz

When you have the bar filled up when does your mate come to your nest bed?

I found it funny and the death was by accident 🤣

your welcome 

go to the woods and find a moose attack it and lose 

Damn looks like a great game too bad its not playable on web browser 

10/10 for amazing features though ^^

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The random appearance is driving me crazy with the dice but i do like the game

I died three ways 1 drowned 2 frozen ti death 3 by moose which was burned to death 🤣

There should be a story mode ^^

I'll be count the days for the lovely updates ^^


nice wish i could make the text bigger but 10/10 ^^

I loved it keep up the amazing work on this story 💌

Nice cliffhanger but why though

Oo I can't wait to see the new version of this storyline 😊

i loved the story-line ^^

bean dip lol

okay ^w^

id pay $20 dollars to play it on here ^^

I loved this storyline and game so much 💌

awe that sucks 

the story line sounds good ill wait for the web browser game if there is one


wow too bad it isn't on the web browser on here to play it 

the art looks so real it's unbelievable 🤯

small wings cute but big beautiful majestic wings like an angel 

and i loved it i can't wait for more night market ^^ 

i liked it ^^

can't wait for more ^^


i cant wait for more ^^

your welcome ^^

idk just for the drama ^^

this is very cool cant wait to start reading the wildest adventures on this game loved the make your own detailed character it amazing ^^

i wanna see what happens when they go into the drama thats a very big cliff hanger and a tease of good drama lol ^^

its a very lovely game but keeps having trouble loading when the fea is telling the story of the beast ^^

nice and bumper ^^

I was like cool customize my character so I have both parts of the gender bc I'm wired and was sad that I couldn't get both genders but 10 10 game ^^

a very nice twist in the game would be funny like getting all three girls prego would be the twist im just throwing ideas around XD 

i cant wait for more chapters ^^