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devi ever

A member registered Oct 16, 2013

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Omg this is so good!  Well executed and a lot of fun! :D

What a great spin on the concept!  Love it!

omg.  THIS is what I am talking about.  So incredibly creative! :D

Love it!  Ha ha.  The original Duck Hunt allowed a second player to move the ducks around, but this is great in terms of simulating a really bad shot. :3


This was amazingly nostalgic and brilliantly creative. :D

Epic.  Mega epic.

I got 4... and was totally chill the entire time thanks to that groovy track.

Love the concept! :D  Awesome pixel art!  Hard as balls!

Ha ha ha ha h ahaaaaaa.

Super awesome.  Would've been cool if each time you played you started as a new Tetris piece!

Awesome!  The pixel art is super cute and I love the sound effects. :3

Ha ha.  This was great.  At first I wasn't sure what was candy and what was dangerous. :3

Super cute!  I love how each squid is different!

This looks really cool!  Would be great if there was an exe as opposed to just py file. as I am a nubile young dev who know not how to open such things.

Nice execution on the physics! :D