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Hiya Frost, sorry to hear that! Are you getting an error or anything? Where does it crash for you?

That's correct, the Steam version is currently more up to date. We'll make sure to update this version very soon.

That was really fun to watch lol. Glad you enjoyed it! There's still plenty more to come.

Heeeey! You're the first person to get that reference! Glad you enjoyed the demo. We're working hard on making it worth the wait.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the game! The light issue is not intentional, and we have a system in place we are testing that moves the flashlight back when in enclosed environments.

The character models are quite a bit still WIP. They'll be more in-line with the final look when we launch

We're releasing a huge update to the demo today!

Glad you enjoyed it! We will be releasing a more feature complete Demo, followed by the final product very soon!

Thanks for the wishlist! The full version is going to be something real special!

We're happy to hear you enjoyed it! We're hard at work trying to get the full version ready

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! The full version is going to be quite an upgrade!

Thanks for wishlisting Loveland! We are hard at work on the Full Version and it will not disappoint 🐸

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Highly unnerving, yet wonderfully done!

We can't wait either!

Thank you! We're really glad you enjoyed your time in Loveland Cove!
The full version is available for wishlist now:

Thanks for playing! You can wishlist the full release here!

We're working hard to get that next part out to ya'll!

Soon, you shall!

Thank you for playing Loveland! We made sure to share your video with our discord!
It is a bit short... but no worries. The full version is coming soon!

Hopefully you won't have to wait too much longer!

Thank you very much!

Thank you for playing! And greetings from Texas!

Oh, I wouldn't worry about that...

Thanks so much for playing! We loved watching your play through!

Thanks for playing! We made sure to share this video with our discord!

Thanks for playing! The full version will hopefully be out very soon!

Thanks for playing! We are most certainly working on making the keys  a little easier to find in the full version.

We thought the setting was indeed rather unique!
We have been very hard at work at making sure that the full version will live up to everyone's expectations.

We're glad you were finally able to give Loveland a try!

Thank you for the kind words, and we are sure you won't be disappointed once the full version is released!Z

Thank you for playing! We shared your video with our discord!

We're glad you enjoyed the Loveland Demo!

We are hard at work at making the full version something VERY memorable...

Fantastic review! We really appreciate that you took the time to play Loveland and provide us with some excellent feedback.

We are currently working on a complete overhaul on how the keys are obtained and used throughout the Trailer Park. It should be a much more smooth experience once the final version is released!

Whoops! We may have forgotten to enable a few invisible walls it seems... We'll make sure to take care of that in the next update!

Thanks! We'll make sure to share your video with our discord

Thanks for playing! We're sure the full version will not disappoint in the final reveal...

It indeed was. The key/puzzle layout is something we certainly are improving upon to make it a bit more easier to understand what you're doing. 

We're glad you enjoyed it! but we feel like our friend may have been watching a bit more often then that... 

Soon... The secrets will be revealed...

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