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If you are on linux, you will have to download the source of the project and build it yourself which I just added, you might have to change the makefile though.

To build it: type make game in the terminal

Very hard game

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I made a small grammatical error in one of the sentences in the game -_- …

It worked! Nice game!

Sadly the game isn’t working for me in the web browser and is stuck on the loading screen :/

Thank you and I will check out your game as well.


Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! The music was an asset I found from the assets store while the sound effects were from a previous game. I agree with you on a level counter and the real end screen. I don’t know about the infinite jumping though, since the maximum jumps you could do if you spammed the spacebar were 3-4….

Nice simple game, the levels and the small timer made it really fun and addictive

Thank You!

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Sadly I couldn’t make the windows exe since windows kept on thinking my game was a virus. Edit: Just added it

Thanks for the feedback! I understand what you mean now, spamming the spacebar can certainly allow for some exploits

I completely agree with you, can you elaborate on the infinite jump though, since the maximum was 3. I am not sure how you could do Infinite Jumps unless you used the gun’s knockback

The game does not work :/

Wow, just wow



Very Cool Game! Just one thing you should be aware of, the game runs very slow, like its slow to the point where there is a 1 second delay between when you press the right arrow key and the player starts moving.

Thank You A Lot!

Thank You Very Much!

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Also, you have to turn off anti-virus for the game to work. Windows antivirus is insanely dumb. I had one of my games tested by a friend and he had to turn off antivirus to play the game

Well then Imma probably rank last in this jam if there is a ranking

You need to turn off antivirus for the game to work. Windows always thinks like 80% of my games are a virus. I don’t know why.

Very good, I will check it out in some time

Thank you for the feedback and playing the game!

Thank you very much for the feedback and yes you could say a beginner made it since I made it from scratch using Python only and I did not really know how to make a platformer in python so yeah, thank you for the feedback!

Thank and Yes of Course, but what kind of variety, do you mean different types of enemies? Platforms? Anything at all if you find that could be added and I will work on that for my next game.

Nice Game NGL

Nice Game! Loved the visuals

Its because you have your antivirus on or something like that, I had my friends test it out and it completely ran and worked fine. Windows for some reason thinks Python files converted to .exe are viruses


Thank You!

I just want to know if I can participate in this jam as well as another one which is in the same time period

I just want to know if I can take part in another game jam as well?

Thank you for the feedback and, yes I will try working on this game and make it better as of now, I am in another game jam so I will be busy for now 

Thanks for the Feedback! The bug you noticed was giving me a hard time too I could not narrow it down and figure out what was wrong but still I ha a lot of fun making this game, thank you for playing it!

weird i did not

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Thank you very much! I spent a lot of time working on it, glad someone enjoyed, Edit: I think to execute the script you might have wanted the executable to be in the same folder as the file or you could have used 'pyinstaller --onefile -D' and it would have given you the error