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Gabriel de Souza

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Great game idea! I would love to see it in a future game!
Very happy that someone from my college participated in this game jam!

This will likely become an EarthBound / Pokémon-style RPG in the future!
So please stay tuned with our updates!

An amazing and really fun game!

I realized that you made the music, proobably because the Jam time, but it was extremely well polished and developed. I couldn't find one single bug.
Although "GOAL" still seems to me to be exaggeratedly annoying and small. Many times I went through his incredible challenges, only to die for not having hit GOAL accurately. I think this is something you could check out!

Great game! He has some issues with controls and physics, but he's awesome for a Game Jam project! I also have not gotten used to the fact that the character can not cross the portals. xD
The art is very captivating, with a great color palette and fits with the game and with the jam.
It has a bug in my Windows 10, like several games made in Game Maker, when I put on full screen, the game begins to lag.
If you are going to continue with the project, I recommend studying a little of the level design of Portal 1 and 2 (which are probably your reference). Your level design lives up to the three-dimensional pioneers, however you seem to have stumbled into the problem they struggled to face that is when the player gets stuck. I think a planned level design would be more interesting than a "Reset Level" button.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you liked the game idea! It was in our head so long, but just now that the opportunity has come to do it.
Obviously it was not easy to play a card game in such a short time, mainly because the team uses different time zones and one of the members had to abandon the project.
We will probably continue the project. The songwriter did some amazing songs that we were not able to put together. There're also some sprites and a level that we didn't have time to put in the game with the battle, which is the main element and had priority. So please, follow it and stay tuned.

I just made a fix with new links! Please try again and tell us if everything is ok!

Thank you for your feedback! Glad you had fun!

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How do I change the size of the sprites?