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John JDS

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Actually planning to update the unity project and re-publish on the store again.  I'll post progress on instagram and update the links here when it is live.  Thanks for asking about it!

whoa, good catch. Crazy, I wonder what's going on. Bummer it blocked your progress :( :(

Nice, way to go! Thanks for the encouragement. :)

Holy crap! That's awesome! So you're rank 2 then maybe? I think I've only gotten as high as level 60. Good work, and thanks for your nice comment. :)

Hey, thanks for playing and making the video! You are completely correct, it's a game about repetition. It was mostly an experiment to see what sorts of elements would make a player want to keep playing something that is ultimately very boring and repetitive. Basically exploring all the meta elements: player level, player rank, the names associated with both, weapon unlocks and upgrades and all the names associated with them.

It's also a bit of a satire against many games which have turned all these meta-elements into the primary elements of gameplay (which I feel is unfortunate and tends to ruin games IMO). So it's sort of a statement/protest also. But mostly just a little experiment.

There are difficulty spikes, but it has been tuned so that you should be able to keep progressing infinitely. Sometimes it just takes more furious clicking until your next upgrade. But ultimately, it's a boring game. :) Thanks so much again for playing and making the video. Sorry it took so long to respond, I think I had my notifications turned off.

Thanks for playing! :)