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Found the Solution to the Card Tiers. Don't wanna give it away entirely, so let's just say that the paper of relics you find is the solution. Only the cards in the top row matter and they can be in any order

FYI, game don’t run unless you have 16GB of RAM available 

Can confirm it’s a virus, but like, not a virus virus, it’s just an broken AF 7zip extractor that doesn’t close until you restart your computer, I had no issues following download and extraction after restarting

This is honestly a good idea, especially if Carpetwurm intends to even one more area. There’s already a gallery mode, so we know that checkpoint-styled triggers are achievable.

Total OwO at the Naughtilis Loss animation. I’m not gonna spoil it for those that haven’t played so I’ll just say I’m glad that a great, rather niche fetish is in this great gay Yiff dungeoncrawler (: