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I cool tip if you were to make/update this game would be to capture to rotation of the new platform you are standing on and apply to your player. Then your jump would apply velocity/force to the global Y axis not the local Y of the player, just like you have.  Or you say screw it and its a future to have wacky jump mechanics. 

Only saying this because the hitbox of the arms get stuck and it is annoying. 

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Should cast a circle for where you can move to, or even, change your mouse curser if out of range. Nice game. 

4 attempts (45 seconds).

Thank you, I plan to keep updating. Want to add portals and multi step tiles

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Please update the game so its 2 shots to break the power ups. Also the portal is bugged where if you reach a high level it doesn't spawn in when all the cactuses are died

Would suggest using a polygon collider so you actual have to touch the cactus and not a square around the cactus. Nice effort entire tho