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I cool tip if you were to make/update this game would be to capture to rotation of the new platform you are standing on and apply to your player. Then your jump would apply velocity/force to the global Y axis not the local Y of the player, just like you have.  Or you say screw it and its a future to have wacky jump mechanics. 

Only saying this because the hitbox of the arms get stuck and it is annoying. 

That's a  low effort-you win

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Should cast a circle for where you can move to, or even, change your mouse curser if out of range. Nice game. 

4 attempts (45 seconds).

Thank you, I plan to keep updating. Want to add portals and multi step tiles

That is a good approach yeah. If you are coping his entire game and just remaking it with your own assets though is when I would say isn’t cool. But if you were to copy his enemy or movement code because you are learning I would say there is no problem. 

If using other peoples code and assets just try to use some originality. You learn from watching and trying to remake it then just straight coping.

It would be using other peoples stuff. You could try to recreate the idea or concept of the game but coping his code and assets isnt cool.

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Please update the game so its 2 shots to break the power ups. Also the portal is bugged where if you reach a high level it doesn't spawn in when all the cactuses are died


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Up arrow doesn't jump :(  He feels lonely now.


Wish you posted the executable the webGL build is a little laggy. Very good low effort game tho

Would suggest using a polygon collider so you actual have to touch the cactus and not a square around the cactus. Nice effort entire tho 

Low Effort Jam 6

The sun is a vibe

I just submitted 


cactus 🌵