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Hey you made the MIDIs played on your Casio LK-100 (or CTK-481/491/496/700)? Can I please have the MIDIs for it? (You probably remembered the GM mapping mode on your keyboard)

I changed the title to "Unofficial Pre-release Patch" now.

Oh, what I did in 1.3.3 is fix the script error for the impossible question in the math game where you forgot to add the "f" after the number so now divided by will be landed on properly. On some text in the code, you had extra spaces between some "\n"s so I removed them for you. The principal was supposed to take you to detention from cutting Playtime's rope so I fixed it. While Gotta Sweep is in the janitor's closet, touching him will no longer say "Gotta sweep sweep sweep" (but he still says it when getting swept only when he's out of the room). And I also fixed the script error where Baldi goes fast when getting the 1st and/or 2nd question wrong in the first notebook in story mode.

Maybe because you accidentally deleted the "Mono" folder.