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Dev Penguin

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Really cute. I liked the style.

The music does get more pitched up the higher your score goes.

About the boost I have some changes in mind and also I plan in implemented some more hazards and pick ups to spice the gameplay ; )

Thank you for playing.

I would love if you could make an honest review of my game =)

By the way. Where are you guys from?

I really enjoyed this game. The art is eye catching while the gameplay is fun. I also think the music suited the game well.

Also I have some things to point out (don't hate me):

  • For some reason the first time i started the game, after pressing D a few times in the menu the A button stopped working and I had to restart the page.
  • The music and sound effects sources are probably attached to the player dinosaur and set to 3D instead of 2D making the audio pan left and right in my headphones which is kinda weird in a 2D game.

Overall great game ;)

I totally agree with that.

Really cool use of a classic game such as chess. Good work.

The tutorial and multiple difficulties are also a huge plus.

Thank you for your feedback =)

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What about an unusual controls game jam?