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did you say no to pregnancy? That is what caused something similar /the same thing with me if so you will have to go back and say yes I know its a ways back now but that seems to currently be cannon and saying no messes everything up 

15 is included in th 16 update same as all the previous ones are in the 14 update

Yeah this one was confusing to me the only thing I ever declined was the spa thing and for me there was barely any content in this update and like you said some of it made no sense. It's frustrating as I have two main saves with the different tanja paths but both declined that so I'm probably going to have to start again with both of those paths 

you must have put so much work into this it looks amazing. It looks like you started another game and then it morphed into this? based on a quick look through your patreon. That bit with serra upset made me cry a bit I'm aspergers/autistic and she seems kind of on the spectrum (probably just reading into it too much) but I got her panic and how overwhelmed she got I really like that she has a nice boss that takes care of her. Anyway thanks I look foward to seeing more of this 


In the most recent and the last updates the second parts of the animations have been really jittery first part always plays fine then it moves in to the second part and goes really bad. The one exception is the lucy scene where the first and second parts are split up with the kiss so I think its something to do with them playing right after each other perhaps trying to use the resources to play both at once or something (just a guess) this hasn't been an issue with any of the previous ones and definitely seems to be a bug rather than just a basic lack of resources given how well the first part always plays and I have a pretty powerful phone (not bragging just tring to give you all the info I realise it wouldn't run well on all phones). 

Other than those technical issues been enjoying everything so far but please don't make me sleep with Elaine (I think that's her name I think you call her old landlady in the version you can talk about) I know you feel like if there is a female character that *isn't related to you* she should be slept with but that's a step too far. Obviously just guessing where I think you'll go and I know it will probably be optional if you do it but I've tried to see all the content so far. That is however just my opinion its your game/story and you should obviously do whatever you want with it 

Thanks for everything you are doing

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ha thanks just did this and was about to comment the same thing. works fine. 

Morales225286 use a file explorer to go to the location they stated /\ (i used es file explorer. copy the save files and put them in a back up folder then delete the game and install the new version. After that start the new game make a quick save and then go back to the file explorer and replace the new save files with your old backed up ones. Don't know how much of that was obvious wasn't intending to be condescending by just stating it all, but thought it better stated than not.

Yeah I'm having the same issue galaxy note 9. First time I tried to install it didn't recognize it then tried again and it seemed to be working but came up with app not installed at the end. Do I need to delete the original first? Pretty sure that will delete the saves

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Good story so far looking forward to more also really don't  want anything else bad to happen to avalon

Thank you this was really good love the look and characters especially chumee and Lou also really like mine's personality but think it would fit better as a dog girl rather than cat (based off of the sex scene and the way she is with Ophelia)  just my opinion.  Looking forward to more in the future. Hope you are doing well in these difficult times 

Well this has been pretty amazing looking forward to more. teared up at a couple of different story points in different paths.

I just bought this game for android but it's a zip file how do install that? Changing the extension to apk doesnt work