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These are fantastic!!  Wonderful concept and superbly executed. Thanks for sharing, I will definitely throw a few into my next one-shot. 

Thank you! That looks really cool; I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

Great! Will send that now :)

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The church where people willing give up their time is fantastic and something I can very much see happening in Troika... I am unsure if I would visit, though there definitely have been times when I would've liked to! The description of a "bite in the neck that spread out and shrunk their heart and lungs to the size of a newborn’s." is beautifully gross too. Oh, and the skeleton background having 2 in Xylophone is a lovely touch!

"Charlene and Charletta sprang fully-formed from the forehead of the CEO one day during a particularly inspiring brainstorming session.", that's great, made me smile! "The mold colony from a long-forgotten food item in the back of someone’s desk acts as one on basic animalistic instincts." was also a highlight.

"Heart-Grease" is brilliant. Now my favourite blood euphemism, even beating out "Meat juice" and "Rhubarb and custard"; so congrats, you beat Vonnegut! Lovely stuff all round, I think some of these backgrounds would make excellent NPCs too for the players to meet in further-flung places and strange depths.

Brilliant! Love the design as well as the writing; the "leaky storage within the body cavity" spilling 2 Stamina when opened made me wretch a little - perfect cyborg creepiness! Love the disclaimer about body-positivity too.

Love "A peaceful, sprawling orchard that seems to stretch forever. Each tree is one of a kind and each stone radiates a dim light that charts suggested pathways. The air is so pure it summons nostalgia in any who set foot in the grove, beckoning them deeper." - I just want to sink into the scene and breathe. Lovely zine, some fantastic writing in here. I am definitely using a Sorcerwood Tree as an encounter in the future; I think it'd make a nice bonsai trap in a library perhaps...

This is incredible, really evocative. I sat down late to skim it through but ended up devouring the whole thing and when I awoke the next morning there was a note titled "Abussos Campaign Ideas" on my desktop...!
 Love the simple stats for ships and cargo too; that's excellently done. "Shame has been baked into the very meat and bones of their existence. Mournful, poetic doldrums are the closest to joy they feel."

If you're ever after adventures written for the sphere, or other help, hit me up; you've got an amazing concept here and I'm excited to see where you take it next!

This has a great concept. Love "do the Existential Arithmetic required to pinpoint the spot upon which existence rotates";  the world needs more existential arithmetic I think.

Agree with Jimco; those gambling minigames were cool, especially the slot machine!

Art is amazing, and the lore is intriguing; especially the mysterious Florence. Look forward to seeing what this leads to! (Also, etiolate is a great word and used perfectly here!)

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Thank you so much - means a lot from you, I read your entry last night and was stunned; it was brilliant! Will write more on the project page but yes, I'm flattered you liked it!

Ah nice, glad you could grab a copy! 
Thanks so much; glad the pistolet was a hit. I am also a fellow smol dangerous things appreciator!

Thanks!! If you'd be okay giving me your Discord I can send you a link to a key! 

Thank you!! Tell me your Discord and I can send a free key link over! 

If anyone else is reading this and worried about downloading I can vouch the pdf is safe! 

For what its worth, I've also run some scans on the file and nothing malicious has come up, nor has downloading it killed my computer.

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Huh, that's strange?
Itch is still flagging it for me annoyingly. Likely due to your account being newly created or something? Very annoying, but I trust you enough to download anyway. 

Here's the message;

"Our system has flagged this page for additional review due to potential suspicious behavior from the page owner.

If someone has asked you to download from this page and you don't fully trust them, or their behavior isn't what you recognize, then we don't recommend downloading this file until our team has reviewed the page.

Password-protecting files or pages is a technique often used by scammers in an attempt to block virus and other security scans from detecting malware. Do not trust password-protected files unless you fully trust the uploader.

Learn more about the "Try my game" Discord scam

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I understand the risks, let me download anyway..."

Ahhh, that makes more sense; yes!

Sorry, I'm not very mathematically minded and I think my method would work better for a system where you can only vote for or against something - and not rank each item from 1 to 5. Honestly, I'm not sure Itch is really set-up for voting like this in smaller jams and I don't usually do ranked jams, so I'm in total confusion about this whole thing anyway... 

I'll vote as you suggest then, giving more stars to projects I like - which sounds more fun too. Thanks for clearing things up! 

Hello! This looks great, but just so you know; Itch has apparently flagged this file for some reason? I don't think it is dangerous, but figured I should check before hand haha!

I mean, I think that also works. In theory, the more you vote the less powerful your vote becomes. (Like, giving everyone 5 stars means you effectively give no one 5 stars.)

The way I'm voting, at least, is to choose my top 5 in order of stars and not vote on the rest. Not sure if that's mathematically sound but feels fair-ish; even if everything is really solid this jam!

Thanks Gonzo! Was an honour to be in this jam; and feel lucky to have managed to finish it in time! Let me know how it goes with using it, I'm curious to see what strange combinations players come up with :) 

Hello! If you've contributed to/are involved with the jam and want a free art copy hit me up!

My favourite is definitely Kitty Christ; though Ex-Pickpocket is a close second!

Another masterpiece! More and more I can't wait to get some of these to tabletop. Do you have any printing recommendations? 

*ʲⁱⁿᵍˡᵉ ʲⁱⁿᵍˡᵉ*

"What's that sound?"

"I thought it was you...?"

*Jingle jingle*

"No, it's not m..."


(Sung to the traditional folk melody.)

"I saw Mommy kissing Santicore
As it solved a puzzle box last night
She didn't hear me leap
Down the tree trunk oh so steep
She thought that I was huddled up
In the conifers fast asleep... 

Then I saw Mommy tickle Santicore
Right on its scaly rump so full of mites
Oh, what a lark it would have been!
If its tail-face had but seen
Mommy kissing Santicore last niiiight..."

Ah yeah, this is sick. Adore that the Octopus has Mathmology; perfect touch!


Always nice to see vikings; they are definitely a classic time-travel foe. Love how low-prep this is too; short and sweet and quick to the table. 

Thank you!! That was exactly the line I was trying to walk haha

Adore the gachs; especially the mechanic where-by they attack as many times as there are foes near them. 

Also love the tapestries woven from "delicate algal twine", that's so subtle but beautifully evocative. Lovely stuff!

Oh wow, these are perfect! Love the IKEA design too; as a Swede it gave me a chuckle. Your art style is incredible, will definitely pick some of these up if I need minis in a hurry.  

This is definitely a hidden gem; there's some amazing things in here...
"A necromancer seeks to have a snazzy uniform designed and several hundred produced. Oh, no reason. Don’t worry about it." is total perfection.

This was a great read!! Love the Reflected Torments mirror room and the Hall of Losers skulls; another triumph for grimdank.

This is great, and your blogpost is very helpful too! Will definitely use these layouts, think number 4 is my favourite...

2 quintillion??? Time to hit up the arena bookies again...

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Great choice of painting. The encounter with Jules Joseph Bonnot (C5) is really clever too; I like how subtle it is, yet could still cause a surprising amount of chaos at the table! Definitely running that sometime!

This is great! Will definitely use if my players ever get down there... or one of them dies! Your description of the 9 circles is great too; as someone who's tried (and failed) to memorise them it makes me want to give it another go.  

The section on the politics and church/state links in Bosch's time is probably the best historical foreword I have read in a TTRPG! Thanks for that! 

These are perfect; love the Rhino! What software did you use? They've got that perfect schematic feel to them. Thanks!