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When news came that LIS2 would not follow Max, Chloe or Rachel, I was completely lost as to how to gt my LIS  fix. Nothing I've seen before compares to the quality of this, nor the emotions it can provoke. It is more than obvious that you guys spent a lot of time creating this, and I really appreciate it. If you continue to work, set up a patreon because I would certainly support y'all for bringing me this, and  I'm sure others would love to, too.

At least you didn’t completely forget it! Again, even if it takes another year, it will be worth waiting for. Just don’t rush it as I’ve seen too many creators do, and it’ll be fantastic!

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Oh please, I want Caesar NOW! I can't take it.... I gave it a year break, and honestly I forgot about this game, but I am so glad I found it again when you're starting to update it! It is absolutely fantastic <3 and I cannot wait for Caesar; I'm sure the wait will be worth it.