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Hahahahaha, take your time, I will follow your updates :)

I will. I think you took the best of the trial games and you make it more... like...deep (?), I mean in some trial games they don't let you do that amount of tricks (the pedalkick, the hops and the gaps), but you see lot of people in real life do it. 

Im waiting for another update in your game and I must say again: Good job, keep developing the game I think this game will have future

Your welcome, and thanks for responding to my suggestions.

I hope you keep developing or adding new content to the game, because its a very intersting and I think you spent a lot of hours developing it. 

Very fun game, good job

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The game is very cool but you should add something to know if you damaged the enemy, like the enemy jumping and changing color to white for a second or something to feel you are hitting the enemy.
Also you should add some kind of healthbar for the enemies (I don't know if the point is not knowing what is your enemy's health, like in some games)

Good game, its fun to play, but maybe you could change the camera not to focus the player and focus on the obstacles ahead 

Nice game. Interesting attack system and animations. Good job

Very fun game :D