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vc é um dos funcionários brasileiros?

Dude, a youtuber create a video with this music!Look 

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fizzd,the game,in full phase,will be paid?

Fizzd,there is a glitch in which when you pause well in the seventh beat and press space, the action happens and also so I took a rank s in Classy (hardmode).

S-slow. D-doublespeed. M-mute mode. O-manual beat. L/Caps Lock-2players. Y-change color 

Secret buttons?

speed doubled? I can not stand nor normal speed kkkkk

Ah! I forgot to mention that this happens when you lose and do things before the patient disappears.

In the first bonus phase, when you quit or restart before the image ends the error song and it starts from start to finish as if nothing had happened.
Remember: The first stage bonus was ONLY the song