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I love the characters!!!! Birdie was super creepy. I’m excited to see all the other guys in the sequel!! CHECK OUT MY GAMEPLAY HERE!!

The Update WAS AWESOME!!! Very big great update since last demo version!!! KEEP IT UP WERE ALL WAITING!!! Heres my Gameplay!!! CHECK IT OUT!!!

I love this game!!! Glad I got to play it myself after all this time from watching dashie play this, and yet alone play it in my own video! I love sprite cranberry. My gameplay of this game is the first game I play in my 3 scarygames video. Timestamps are in description.

THIS GAME WAS VERY UNIQUE, I loved the art style and cool little story with "the hole" Check it out!!! My gameplay of this game is the second game of my 3 scary games. Timestamps are in description.

THIS GAME WAS AMAZING WITH VISUALS!!! Great game and interesting story... and the spiders sure was scary... my gameplay is the last game i play in this 3 scary games. timestamps in description

This game was quite great, I like the music and sound effects alot. Check out the game and my gameplay!

I realized that I have watched this game on YouTube when I saw her running towards me and then it dawned on me that she was indeed going to trip. and so she did haha. I love it and love how u made a quick little game just for Halloween. (Timestamps in description. 3rd game out of the 4 I played.)

A short and sweet game, I enjoyed it. I believe there is a bug in the mopping sequence, it occurred to me when I mopped in reverse order. (timestamps in description. It is the second game)

Destroyahh40 strikes back!!! Playing the new updated version, and boy was it amazing. A beastly great update!!! (It is the first game I play out of the 3 others.
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THIS GAME WAS AWESOME. GARFEILD HORROR IS QUITE UNSETTLING, BUT HIS MODEL WAS PRESTINE!!! (Check description for timestamps. 4th and last game I played out of the 3 others.)

MAN THIS GAME BROKE MY BACK AND MY NECK... and my soul hahahaha. Great game!!! I highly recommend!!!!! Keep up the Great Work!!!! 

Im a bit late playing the old demmo version but man, this game was such a great idea!!! ill be making another video on the new version, cuz it looks alot better with those awesome mechanics!!! Keep up the good work!!!