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Upload your game!

Wow, really visually pleasing game. I can tell you put a lot of effort into it!

This is a REALLY good idea. however i found a bug where if you spam j when your near the top you fly over the wall and lose life and have no way to get back in.

Interesting Concept + nice retro style

Wow The game looks really good! and the trailer is well put together. 

Works good!

Wow, This is a great concept however i feel like the game is a bit too difficult in the early levels and the ship flips over too easily. But the game is visually pleasing and a lot of fun to play!

Good improvements!

The Rooms community · Created a new topic Nice simple game!

Its a good concept but you should improve it by adding some user inputs for the player to be more embeded into the game! Good story line  tho