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If we have already downloaded this when it was first released for free do we have to pay for each new update?

Could you create a change log that says what has changed between versions before downloading?

Would greatly appreciate that. I am going to be sending you an email about this so please do not delete it, it will be from a gmail address.

Could you make a road map or list of what you plan to add to this simulator?

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About the KML files where do we find those I saw in the youtube file explaining it you had some so. Also gravity bombs I cannot seem to get to work are they fully implemented yet? If implemented could you do a short youtube video showing how to use them?  I am also willing to assist on this project if you would like sir, I have some Unity experience and am currently enrolled for networking and cyber security in the USA.

Also, if you would like assistance on getting values for military equipment I am willing to help. Like yield, range, speed, mass, ect.


  • U.S Faction
    • Minuteman III speed (terminal speed 7826.66667 m/s), accuracy/ circular error probable (240 m), mirv radius, apogee (11,000,000 m) and range (greater than 9,700 km) may not be correct. Can also carry up to 3 warheads and only can carry W87-0 or W78. Though New Start limits to one warhead
    • Trident II speed(terminal speed 8,060 m/s), mirv radius, and range (more than 12,000 km reduced load or about 7,600km Full load) may not be correct. Also can house up to 14 w76-1 or w76-2 or 8 w88. Due to New START in practice each missile carries 4 warheads
    • AGM-86B range( greater than 2,400 km or 2,400,000 m) may not be correct. Can only carry one W80-1
    • Nuclear weapons yields are correct.
    • Ohio Class subs can spend a lot longer than 30 days off base/only limited by food speed (37 km/h) way off. Also can carry 24 SLBM but limited to 20 due to NEW START
    • B-2A speed (cruise speed 900km/h), range (11,000km), and altitude (ceiling 15,200 m) may not be correct. Can carry 16 B61 or 16 B83
    • B-52H speed (844 km/h), range (14,080 km), and altitude (ceiling 15,200 m) may not be correct. Can carry 12 AGM-86
    • F-35 speed (max 1,296 km/h), range (2,800 km), and altitude (ceiling 15,200m) may not be correct. Only one B61-12 
    •  F-16 speed (1,482 km/h), range (4217 km), and altitude (ceiling 15,200m) may not be correct. Both B61 and b83 2 only for both
    • Tornado speed (1,482 km/h), range (3,890 km), and altitude(ceiling 15,200 m) may not be correct. Can carry 4 B61’s


  • Things I would love to see added/ Explained
    • Other Factions fully implemented, China, North Korea, Iran, ECT
    • Where can we get the KML files to populate with real bases/everything?
    • Also, I cannot get aircraft's gravity bombs to work properly can you make a video how those specifically work?
    • Where do you get the information for this simulator both nuclear and military craft?
    • Have the ability to, since this is a simulator, see the past effects of nuclear accidents and detonations.
    • Conventional Naval vessels
    • Have in the future ABMS, and be able to the what the effect of countering both bombers and submarines would have using convention weapons systems.
    • Possibly be able to tune this simulator into a DEFCON similar game.