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So. I came into it knowing nothing and expecting nothing (read: ie my feels were intact and my heart was beating along just merrily, thank you) then I finished the entirety of the game. and. 

(Spoiler warning) 

Ok I’m a basic gal so I have very few priorities and they are as follows:

FIRST you kill off my hubby Lu?? What ? I was ready for our 2-Day long initial meeting to turn into the love affair of the century (because am in love with Phil Avalos’ voice like ohmegee) but it didn’t happen and ?? How dare you ?

Then, it turns out he ain’t dead ??? Only for him to toss my sweet, beautiful queen (read: Margret) to her death ???????? Um, excuse me ?

I didn’t ? 

consent ?

And that whole twist with the truth of Sinnlos was something I just wasn’t prepared for AT ALL. like. I just thought the creepy lake was a creepy lake for Plot reasons but NO. usually I’m p good at noticing foreshadowing or just predicting plot twists in general but THIS ONE. You know how when your computer is trying to run a particularly taxing program and it starts making those sad human-help-i-can’t-compute noises ? me. 100%, irrevocably me . i . i just. how dare you ? my heart ? my JOY ???

This is like the exact opposite of the whole “my crops are watered my depression is gone” meme bc man do i FEEL like that morbid lake efhj

(Now don’t get me wrong I loved every second of it it was beautiful and well written and I almost cried but damn do I feel the inexplicable urge to crawl into a lair of puppies and just lay down for eternity)

Lastly, I really feel like this would make a good movie?? Idk, just with the grim and mysterious atmosphere, and the fact that you’re given very little information about the world but it feels safe to make assumptions only for BAM thou art a fool to happen. Quality content is all I’m saying huhu. ALSO THE ART WAS BEAUTIFUL i bow before it tbh

BUT YES I loved this game so much, the effort and heart that went into it is really endearing and remarkable. feel free to wreck me all over again w another game ;) maybe i’ll be more prepared next time lolol

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I think this is the first time I've seen choices result in such different branching scenarios in a vn game! I'm hooked! Can't wait to play the full game :"D

Disclaimer: This is a long comment review I'm sorry rip

Yes!! I’m so excited to play this game! o((*^▽^*))o

I thought the first Nusantara game was good, but this looks 10x better! I really like the minute details, like with the calendar + season, the load/save/status menus, with how they kind of look like a scrapbook or a journal - which would make sense that Maya would document what happens in the year they’re on the island. Also the funny chibi moments and the slow transition of when a character either goes beat red or pale! I also thought the “What she is thinking right now” was a cool touch I haven’t really seen before. And items?? Now I’m really interested to see what we obtain in the game lol.

Plus, the humor hasn’t changed - I laugh my butt off a lot during your games XD. Like. I didn’t have my thinking cap on while playing so when it came to the part that Maya’s like “maybe Guntur reflects the weasel/ferret mirror” I kind of died. Like. Look at him!!! Look at those guns!! That is one beefy ferret-man XDDDD (Also Kahlil reacting to his tails and ears is literally me I relate to him on a spiritual level.)

The art has taken a beautiful upgrade, too. The relationship status meter makes me feel it’s going to be - or at least it gives the illusion of - a longer game, because three hours in and I’ve only raised Arya’s affinity barely past the triangle design on the bottom of the meter??? Like Boiiiiii. Plus the fact that this happens over the course of the year makes a romance much more realistically probable, especially since their in isolation lololol. 

ALSO I’M SO INTERESTED IN WHAT SINS THE BOYS COMMITTED LMAOOO. I kno it’s probably not a joking matter but I’m excited for the juicy gossip (*•̀•́*)و ̑̑

For which character caught my attention… Hm. On my first playthrough of the demo I p much targeted Arya, since I decided to start with him from the getgo (while still being nice to the other characters ofc lol) and his cursing is hilarious - especially his threats with a mug, that was gold (did he bring a mug to the island??? Bc, “please, Oh Great Arya, save us from this monster with your mighty mug!!” <— a scene I need that at the very least occurs in Maya’s dreams XDDD (jk jk)

For Kahlil - I won’t lie, I’m a sucker for his type of character so I’m biased - but he’s just so ADORABLE (ω*) whether it’s a facade he puts on or his legit personality, he’s really fun to interact with in the game lolol. I’m still a bit wary of his character, waiting for the other shoe to drop, though! He kind of reminds me of Rama. 

Then for Guntur, originally I didn’t really like him bc I felt his teasing towards Maya was belittling, but the interactions they have on the island got rid of that dislike. Personally I don’t find smoking all that attractive, but for some reason, I don’t really know why, the way he and Maya interact differently from the other two made me the most interested in him. 

(Still going w Mug Boi first when the game comes out just bc I’m stubborn lmao)


Maya isn’t a pansy; when she has something to protect, she does, like when she protected her mom from Gunter in the beginning. Of course if Guntur really wanted to hurt her it wouldn’t have gone so well, but she didn’t know that, so I thought it was badass how she went all “protect mamma bear” mode. 


Both in this game and the previous one, there have been lines where characters suggested another character might be gay because they showed no interest in the opposite gender, and both times the lines were something like: “I was starting to worry that you were… like that…” and imo it’s kind of ridiculous they treat it in a scandalized matter rather than a normal one? 

Also, this is more of just a question - if it’s not a spoiler ig - I was confused by the mirror choice in the beginning, during Maya’s dream? From a traditional perspective I would assume that’s where you lock on to a route, but from what happened in the demo it didn’t seem so? It didn’t seem like an important choice, at least in the demo, so is it more of an affinity choice? Or?

BUT OVERALL I’M SO HYPED TO PLAY THIS GAME. ()Is this game really going to be free? Bc if it was me, I would totally put a price tag on this kind of quality lol.