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why does no one play this :(

18th jump kong comment of all time

you have to go through a special kind of form of hell to make this

first JUMP KONGcomment of 2024

I still dont understand this game, but you should play it

Happy kump jong halloween!

Yoo that is so exciting!

I liked the game telling me to leave

I waited to long and now jump kong crashed on me

I’m frozen

Jump kong takes a lot of brain power to be honest, you need to be a intilectual to understand the stress this image induces in a true Jump konge fan

Tip to get more fps on a school chromebook: press Ctrl, minus to resize the page

One of the best games i’ve ever played on itch! The level design is super cool, feels like you just went ham in the tilemap editor which is good because its creative. It reminded me of Diminish but maybe I’m just drawing random ties to stuff I like. The backgrounds, ho-ly, the assets look so good with the parallax and everything! Tilesets are super hard to draw.

Those lighting changes are really smooth, “There’s a day night cycle?!” It’s really unique, I’ve seen it before in Hollow knight and it super shocked me here. I think that the lighting cements the player into the world really well. The animations mixed with the speed you run at is just fun to control.

This is a super great section that I liked because it has a feeling of risk that only the ledge grabbing system can give.

Anyways, cool game! I’d love to play any other thing you’ve made

Keyboard spam

This is personal

man good jump die ghost

Definitely one of the stranger itch io games

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my rite of passage into the Random rat maze gaem fandom


Fast paced with good sound effects, the most recent committee aproves!

Oh wow, Rethuna reply newcomer replying to of Destalta comment khrouhman on recent most ceprotypes

I emptied the recyling bin 27 times to make sure this wasnt on my computer anymore.

who the hell is Garet

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When I finally saw the portal it felt like someone reheated my brain in the microwave and I started to think again

i am going to destroy gravity (tragic)

Why is everything you make gold

I cant win, this cockroach is too scary. Ending 1/3 and 2/3

This made me laugh thank you

Oh wow recent comment on most khrouhman

Oh wow blackthornprod on most recent

Is the sun going to explode?- OOOOOOHHH

Man I love jump kong, this game is just too good. It has smooth movement, it even has this bed I dont remember being here

good ending