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kinda funny how so many commenters think it's a virus just because the Windows "this is not from one of our developers" message popped up, like how you be looking at a porn game and be that sheltered

oh hey ur the guy who made Brick From Pizza Tower porn

it does for me

"wah wah these people who made a game for free aren't making it specifically to my liking how dare they" 

i think its complete all nights, get all jumpscares and complete 4/20 mode as the 3 stars

2 tips:

1: 4/20

2: donut ;)

If you dont want to date the femboy just dont choose the "date the femboy" route its not that hard


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how do i get higher relationship with the twink :((((((( im stuck at 1 and a half with a bunch of transparent ones pls i need this man in my life

uhhh the church girl just disappeared after I took her quest to get food

found the conservative

rip my money, weird how the popup counted clicking on it as closing it like the first 5 times

gaem abd i got a viris :((((((((((

wait nvm i mixed the buttons up im dumb

no thats the Ugh effect from week 7, they added it in for tankman test and i guess they forgot to move it cause its still in all of the other tests

so this is what it would be like to be technoblade

incase your confused on what the coins are for they let you buy icons if your having trouble getting them from lootboxes

4 minute pog

so basically ripoff close your eyes

its not a record as long as your fine with giving yourself carpal tunnel lol

yeah i see why this game didnt get very popular now,


"heres some milk for you boners" - Dani's Secret Area, Circa 2020

That Makes No Sense But Ok?

Here before dani makes a vid on it.


In the first level i made it so that rock is win on accident when i figured out i could change rules. So then in the "Wall is stop" Level i made myself the wall

"IDLE" 2 seconds into playing the game "ok so i need to click for some guys, oh wait i have too many i need buldings, click, place, click, place, click, place, click place(like 10 mins later) huh thats it, wheres the idle? or Incremental?

oh ok. i was having a problem with one that was like 3 sentences long

Was i not expected to finish the second sentence cause it said to rearrange the words and i did that then it was like "no wrong words idiot"

ummm every time you click the bank becomes bigger and now my bank is larger than the screen... how do i fix it??

also rip cause the other guy saying "i wanna fuck myself goo goo gaga" wasnt hacked cause he made this account and immediatly made this comment and did nothing else so its probably just a really dumb 7 year old

AAAAAAAAAAA NO WAIT i was going to press the post reply button but he dragged my mouse and i just spawned ANOTHER ONE