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A disturbing slice of analog horror, prototype has changed me in some small but significant way. How many games are going to have hyper realistic death screams spliced in? 9/10

This game is honestly a finished product. Well done voice acting, a full story with horror, comedic relief, loss. 10/10 Please post on steam for a 5er.

First game I play, most of the video. 

Only one problem. First code of the game is tucked under a dead soldier. I should have assumed that there was a reason to move him, but none the less, the page and code were so drab and dusty I couldn't see them against the floor and spent 30 minutes looking for the code. 

Other than that, scared me good afew times. solid story, great ambiance. 9/10

Last ten minutes of this video. 

Solid game, decent voice acting, limited/no bugs. Thats a 9/10 for me bruthr.

This game makes up the first 10 minutes of the video. It an alright little demo with a scare, and some tension build. Solid job, altho it does feel like 2 games haphazardly slapped together, maybe even 3. 7/10

This is game takes the majority of the video. Its a great game with a repeating room mechanics, exemplary attention to detail, and all the story a 20 minute game can fit without feeling bulky. One of the best games ill play this year. 10/1

This is the third game I play in the video above. Obviously not Kyle Karley's first attempt at a horror game. Ignoring some of the lore issues I have, the game itself is a fair short experience with some tension building, notable voice acting, and fun stylization. Great job Kyle Kirley!

This is the second game I play in this video. Quality horror game with 6 minute levels and horror-based defense mechanics. Well polished, challenging, and unnerving, this is a great example of a horror game. Keep it up how Wolf.

This is the first game I play in the video. It has solid tension and world building. Keep it up Mik! 
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They've somehow captured the helpless gun-man feeling of Resident Evil and combined it with a bloom-house tech demo. This game is amazing.

Satiety is the second game I play in this episode of cheap thrills. A fairly short experience with some quality ambiance and just the right amount of space to content ration. The scares got me, the ending had some story.

9 Faults out of 10 Fathers

Camera Duty is the first game I play in this episode of Cheap Thrills. Its not a bad rendition of the Camera Monitoring Stint running amuck in the gaming community. It does miss the mark in the ambiance department, as some of the anomalies are to jarring too often, but other than that its a solid game.  

8 transparent people in my mirror out of 10.

Absolutely mortifying horror game. A reasonable amount of jump scares sprinkled across a dread educing facility. Such a simple concept made into a gem of modern horror games. There are some strange plot movements, but being as it is a demo, its understandable. Please Make More.
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Quality Demo, genuinely unnerving and other wise terrifying. First puzzle was a little annoying but the rest of the game had an unbeatable atmosphere and bizarre creatures that left me afraid to move forward. All around great game even if I didn't manage to finish it.

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Review below video

This games amount of effort was awesome. Good tension and a detailed environment lead to some scary moments. The mechanics were cut and dry, but they fit well together. Unfortunately this game lacks in one key area. Slender Man himself. His model is gangly and gaunt. It instills fear. What doesn't instill fear is the call of duty level-up sound that play every time you look at him. A loud noise that literally notifies you when you're in danger, and becomes extremely repetitive after, say, two light gasps. The original Slender Man game was terrifying because the only way you knew u were about to die was the static. There were no flashy noises and green outlines, no keys to buildings and big open maps. It was simple and effective, this game has taken away that key air of uncertainty away with a single auditory que. That a blunder my guy. Also fix your cheat menu. I opened it by accident (bound to C) and I couldn't close it afterwards. Killed my first attempt lol. 

Aight, this game took a dodge on the same old "Loud = Scary" trope, and I like it! The graphics may be trivial, but the game ran off one scare, and it got me. I'm pretty sure I missed some portion of the game by hiding and waiting instead of just running, cuz im a coward, but what I got was awesome. 9/10

This is the first game in the video... also this video won't be uploaded until tomorrow.

I was having some fun with the silence, just filling in the space, but the impending dread, and the shear lack of cheap jumpers puts this game high on the list. Not sure if I played the updated version, but i enjoyed what I had. 

This Game Starts about half way through the video
This game starts about half way through the video... and also it won't be uploaded until tomorrow XD! Sorry my guy.

Gotta hittem with the hottest take! Aight, this games jumpscare tactics and loud noises is just too much. The environment is short and sweet. Delightful. The amibiances is careful and Jaring. Fantastic. The only thing that actually put me on edge was worrying about loud, uncalled for jumpscares with not tension. My guy, loud doesn't equal scary, and that fact greatly affects your end product. Great up until the endless yelling. 8.5/10 

Prove me wrong in the comments, or play it yourself. This guy is great, and I love his effort. MAKE MORE!!!

For a demo, it was short. My god man. I like the atmostphere, I like the starting scare, i like the mechanic. But there so little here that its hard to give you a proper review. The concept is awesome, the executions is default and needs work. Here my play thru if you care for my live review. 

This game has a great art style, reminiscent of Neverending Nightmares. The story is what the story is so far, and I'm enjoying it. With just this half alone, I already can't wait to play the rest. I might suggest a voice actor, but regardless, the audio is amazing, and really completes the mood. All in all, thats a 10/10 from me buddy. 

Second part will be out soon. 

For 96 hours, this is fuckin solid man. Jump scare gets a little repetitive, but the environment is fleshed out, and decorated, there's some semblance of a story, and it has more than one game mechanic. 8.5/10

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Well of course the big baddies already gave this one a run down, but I feel like a little extra praise on the top doesn't hurt. Its great. The environment is simplistic and well used. The circumstances quickly become surreal and terrifying. There's a lack of intense clichés, and a considerable amount of  effort. 10/10 would "poltergeist: the game" again!

TV Night starts a 7:50

Not too bad for something you put together for class. Its obviously rough around the edge, but your executions of the mechanics was flawless. tho if it was made for class, it wasn't made to last. Right?

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That was... a start. Not bad for the game itself, but there's one glairing issue. The Thumbnail is clickbait bruthr. That scene is literally never portrayed in the game itself, and not to mention that level of graphical detail isn't eth- I MEAN WAS THE THUMBNAIL AND THE BACKGROUND OF THIS PAGE MADE ON TWO DIFFRENT ENGINS FROM THE ACTUAL GAME!?!?! FFS Man! Have some decentsy , I'm visually intoxicated, and it hurts. 7/10 

This is the last time that i judge a game harshly, since negativity really doesn't help anyone. It is a copy of another game, but its also a fresh spin, and personalized. I can see that now. For the situation you're coming from, this games gold man. Great start, just keep practicing and you're sure to improve.

Aight Aight Aight. I only give honesty here. Its a fine horror game, but there are flaws, and being that i'm trying to help the creator, im going to give shine light on those flaws, so plz don't be mad.

The clichés are intense here man. I like your environment, definitely feels like an original house, but got damn. Ever classic gets thrown at the wall in this one. Crash in the middle of no where. Car EXPLODES, but im perfectly fine. Find abandoned house. Bad guy keeps running away. My main problem is that most of the scares happen outside of my view. I don't know if I look around too much, or if it was a game problem, but i found myself hearing the "BOO" sound every three seconds, but more often then not, I missed whatever was happening. 


-Less Cliches

-Bring the scares to my attention. 

hath tho played?

Seriously, this is the worst attempt at an invisible monster that I've seen in a hot minute. AND I CAN BE MAD BECAUSE THEY PUT IN EFFORT ELSE WHERE!! The tracking mechanic kinda screws the prospect of surviving more than three seconds, because its indistinct, or vague, when trying to pick out where the monster is. You can die in spawn. The monster audio is misplaced, or misleading. Ambiance noises overlap critical monster sounds, and every death is a 2 minute wait to try again. 3/10 unwinnable. Please rethink.

I'm Sorry, but this game was TOO damn Glitchy. The mechanic is kinda old, but I like that you used such bright colors. As a start, its hard to rate because of how hard it was to play thought without experiencing a crash or fault of some kind. N/A Sparkly Trees Out of 10. Plz Fix

I'm not gonna lie, this voice actor brushes up on his English a little more, and this is 10/10 gold horn tier. The game itself is great on its own, but this mans voice is so fitting and awesome. Can't wait to see the full game.

I'm guessing the control scheme was intentional, so with that down, it runs a little slow. I definitely like that there was a voice actor and I didn't haveta read all those little scraps of text myself, so as it stacked up, not bad. Solid 8/10 

This game start about 5 minutes in.

For a short little thing, it wasn't half bad. Left me with alot of questions, but i liked the detail put in. Solid 8/10

7 days, and nobody else plays it. This game was an awesome demo. Can do a better job of explaining what to do, but the panic of this guy casing you, and the eerie silence really overshadows any flaws in this one with a deceptively unnerving atmosphere. Awesome job my mans. 

This games a total walk in the... arcade? 90's kids, where you at!?! Seriously tho, they bring the classics into the horror, as you play through the scene from season two, where... that kid was having his problems. (Do you have to remember all there names to be a true fan?) 
Anyway, this is take two on creators putting on there big boy panties on. 5 Mind-Flayers out of 5.

Im pretty sure this is a triple A game, but like.... damn. This was free? I suppose it is a demo, but there is so much great atmosphere and tension here. Jumpscares didn't feel too jummpy, we didn't even see the enemy, and it was terrifying. Over all, 10/10 would swim again.

I feel like I just played this and there was a patch before I could even finish the editing. Solid recreation of a proven concept. Game played well, but I played when there were ghost trees. Over all, its a great start. 7 Ghost Trees out of 10.

This was so much more impactful than anything i could have said. 9/10 comment. (Im not being sarcastic, I stg)

Solid game. Good base atmosphere, but its kinda feels very general right now. I hope you guys move it in a more particular direction. 8.5/10

Damnit, i was almost the first video on this one. FML

This game made me pretty uncomfortable... and I love that. That last boss tho! omfg