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This game is really fun! I like how you can either swing, or propel yourself with the grapple by holding space. I'd love to play a bigger game like this

This is amazing!!!!!!

Loved it! Although i had to restart twice, once when i got stuck behind some boxes in the 2nd apartment. Again when i tried to exit the padlock, and it just stayed on the screen and prevented me from interacting with anything else. Aside from that, this game is super well crafted with phenomenal atmosphere.


Looking for people to collaborate with! I can show you projects I've done music for in the past B)

SO fucking cool. One of the most unique and creative games I've ever played

Pretty cool! I'm going to give my honest thoughts here.

The metroid inspiration is obvious, but you do enough new that it feels like its own thing. I especially like the crouching mechanic and how limited the  jump height is. Makes the character and world seem more realistic and makes you think about traversing the world differently that you would in most other platformers in this genre.

The only real issues I had were that I thought the character sprites looked weird, and the boss/escape music wasn't very intense. Other than that the art and sounds are great! Can't wait to see where this project goes.