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Hey thanks. I'm glad you liked it. We're carrying on with the development of it now, trying to improve it but hold on to it's charm.

Hey guys. Thanks for playing our game. For full instructions please visit the game page here :

Here's just a few that we found.

Working on the Cafe Scene right now:

Riot Town community · Created a new topic YouTubers

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Hey everyone. We're proud to announce that we are remaking Riot Town, and this time it'll be better than ever before with more stuff to destroy and more carnage!

We're very excited about how many people are playing this prototype demo, there's definitely something there which is fun to play. We'd love to hear from you guys about what you'd like to see in a real Version 1 of Riot Town.

Add your thoughts and suggestions to this thread.

Cheers, Dan

Thanks for playing our game iwanPlays! Pity the controller didn't work for you. I can't imagine why, we did test it.

Some keyboards don't actually allow you to press more than 3 buttons at the same time, I remember this being an issue even when I was a kid playing Mortal Kombat with my friends on a pc! The option is available to fire the gun with your mouse though, allow you to fly around with the arrow keys.

Either way, thanks for trying it and responding to my email!

Hey we came 4th in the City Sim Jam 2016. Not bad considering it's nothing to do with building a city!

Thanks for the taking the time to play our game. We'll be sure to drop you a line when it's more than just a prototype :D