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Okay I will!

Hey these look great I will use these for sure!

It looks amazing! all of your sprites look so well done!

Looks amazing!

Wait what

(1 edit)

just shut (scoop)

yes this is baronvongamez he is a nice YT watch him (if they want to be known as him/he)


lol 99% of people: "I CANT PLAY LET ME PLAY!" everyone else: "Wow great game!" somebody else : "This is a knock off of tabs."

honestly they were inspired to make a game if you cant play the game:
1. please stop caps/use a keyboard properly

2.tell them politely that something does not work

3.look up what is going wrong

and for the people who like the game: you are not doing anything wrong

but you knock off person: just stop if I could ban you from every single game in existence I would.

insult much yellow frog

Ikr I love sandbox games they're the best

lol, also is winrar money.

Okay great thank you!

Hey are you sure this is safe I would love to play I just wanna make sure.