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Okay I will!

Hey these look great I will use these for sure!

It looks amazing! all of your sprites look so well done!

Looks amazing!

Wait what

omg I have given an idea

(1 edit)

just shut (scoop)

yes this is baronvongamez he is a nice YT watch him (if they want to be known as him/he)


lol 99% of people: "I CANT PLAY LET ME PLAY!" everyone else: "Wow great game!" somebody else : "This is a knock off of tabs."

honestly they were inspired to make a game if you cant play the game:
1. please stop caps/use a keyboard properly

2.tell them politely that something does not work

3.look up what is going wrong

and for the people who like the game: you are not doing anything wrong

but you knock off person: just stop if I could ban you from every single game in existence I would.

insult much yellow frog

Ikr I love sandbox games they're the best

lol, also is winrar money.

i have not played but is there a game mode where killing players makes them explode (if there is a killing feature)

Okay great thank you!

Hey are you sure this is safe I would love to play I just wanna make sure.