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Okay, thanks!

If possible, publish a version for linux users :)

Projeto bem interessante, e diria até viciante e desafiador, acho que caberia muito bem tbm, um porte para plataformas mobile.. pois é o tipo de jogo que ficamos tentando quebrar o próprio recorde por bastante tempo.

A really good game, I really liked your project, congratulations

Muito bom, achei viciante.. 

Nota 10/10 :)

A true work of art..

O jogo está fantástico, parabéns aos envolvidos no projeto.. está em um nível profissional!  

I liked the project, I found it a lot of fun, but I don't understand why it is so heavy in relation to the size

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I really liked your asteroid ramake, your remake is more true to the original than mine, very funny, I made 1500 kks points

Yes, it is static, at first I thought of making a move command, but I prefer to keep the classic arcade style

I have no idea how you did it, but it solved my problem, thanks!

It hasn't been submitted yet, just allow the old project, which I unintentionally submitted, because you don't allow people to see projects before the deadline and fix it?

I unintentionally submitted an old game .. Can you help me as an admin? Also, the game I sent intentionally doesn't appear in the list to send, do I need to put it in a specific category first?

Sem palavras sou brasileiro e, que jogo divertido quase joguei por uma hora kkks

Tudo o que tenho a dizer sobre esse projeto é que Realmente é um game de nível profissional!.. 

Esse é o mais dahora da jam.. sem sombra de duvidas.. é um game realmente divertido! joguem..

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Very Amazing!!!, I think you should release updates .. because the game has its potential

I really enjoyed your project, congratulations!

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I mean, the game is allowed to take place in Zelda's world, except the protagonist is original, eg a "Link Brother" or an original Zelda world warrior, I want to know that because with that in mind, we can create a story within Zelda mythology and even use Zelda historical references, but with another clear protagonist .. could that be?