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This hurt me (fantastic story and visuals). I really felt a lot of things when reading this. I loved the big puffy jacket the MC was wearing and the way you made the speech bubbles ooze around the knife in some panels

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I just played through all of these <333 I honestly love all three characters and the worldbuilding and designs. My favorite is def Akello but honestly all three of them won my heart by the end. Really fantastic descriptions and pacing throughout as well. I felt each storyline did a good job of both setting up the character and establishing why would they would be willing to have sex with the protag under the circumstances (obviously the most important plot point).

Very excited to see the final product when it is finished!

Edit: I also have to say, loved the sound track! I just had the game playing in the background while I did work hehe.

fun game! I had a bit of a hard time understanding how to build up the stats that let you fight or talk it out but I had fun

i played and enjoyed this! fun short game

really delightful and fun game. I enjoyed making all the faces!!!

i really enjoyed this game! Took me an embarrasing long time to figure out how to turn the camera round haha

Enjoyed this greatly while recovering from surgery, thanks!

I am trying to print out this zine, but I'm not exactly sure how it's to be cut + there a template or guide I can follow?

(It's really quite lovely)

I really enjoyed this! I think my favorite was the “To be known” spread

I really loved reading this! Really great photos and subject

I really enjoyed listening to these! I really loved Fluorescent lights

oh my god this is giving me war flashbacks
well done

really lovely sound. Nice to listen to while I work

This was WAY more fun than I expected! 

Really fun and sweet little game! I enjoyed all the monster variations a lot!

This is a really haunting, subtle, yet forceful comic. Exquisitely drawn and told.

this was great to play and explore, loved the horror and the way you have to piece together the story yourself without getting all the answers...

very fun, made me think of classic tactical rpgs i used to love playing. thanks!

I will look into those, thanks

it just keeps freezing at odd moments. :(  Maybe its just my computer? But it plays other games fine. It kept freezing as I was going through the first village and going black.

enjoyed this! was fun playing the detective

i wanted to play this game but it kept freezing up :/ i really like the concept though

Just finished playing this-an absolute delight! this has some really fabulous art choices and design chops.

hehe i loved it!

This was very heartfelt; i enjoyed the subtle storytelling you wove through the mechanics, like him moving away from her to follow the bubble path as it darkened :) I haven't played many little games like this before and I found thsi one very charming