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You're a blessing. I make small projects for fun and it's really hard to get good assets especially since I don't make money off these projects.

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Let me tell you. I've been here since the beginning when this barely had art and a story (well it had enough to play but not enough for a plot). I'm happy with the progress this game is making and I wish you well.

@ Laceaga; The Office, Season 2 episode 5 14:45

been waiting for over a year but it seems totally worth it!!!! good luck completing the game :)

Hey! I absolutely love the demo. It. Is. AMAZING. Keep up the good work. But I do have one request..... for the description you have of the game, it makes it seem like all the features are already there. It's a little misleading so maybe you could change the description >.< Anyway, I'm totally looking forward to when the game gets done. Also, if per chance you need any help with the development of the game, I could lend a hand. I know my way around Ren'Py and I do fancy myself a writer. lol. Thanks for the great game! 

No. Just the demo.