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Nice, having a deeper ocean tileset will help me set the lower ocean levels apart from the shallows beyond just light levels! Will pick this up sometime. 

You've probably gotten requests for this already, but consider this an extra request for a sci-fi space ship exterior tileset since it's something I'll end up needing, not to mention it's probably a must-have for anyone creating a sci-fi setting.

One more request I'm not sure if you've gotten is a floral/herbal entry into your Fantasy Market series. Specifically focused on designing flower and herb types (as opposed to farm crops), which can double as item sprites similar to your Fantasy Market - Weapons. This tileset when combined with your Grocery entry would be perfect for those of us with an alchemy system. Or just a fun flower shop. 

Thanks again for making these, you're helping keep dreams alive!

Just bought this and I'm really impressed by the amount of weapon coverage in it! I'll enjoy putting these to use; you threw in a lot of weapon types not usually considered by other artists, and ones I'm interested in putting in. Thanks!

This is a great tileset, perfect for a French catacomb-themed dungeon I have planned for later!

One question I had since I noticed it. Did you have an autumn forest tileset on your page at some point? I could've sworn you did but maybe I'm going crazy. Asking since I planned on buying it next month but I can't seem to find it on your page. If you never had one and I'm wrong, please add it to the list, thank you!

I do plan on picking up Seasons of Harvest at some point, won't get to that area of the game soon though. My suggestion was more something that I think would compliment that set greatly-- a dedicated tileset just containing a variety of crop types (fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc.). It'd be similar in design to this set in the sense that it isn't an area itself but rather an enhancer, a bunch of tiles meant to be used with something like Seasons of Harvest. 

For my purposes, I have a hub area where I plan to have a variety of plants that can be grown by the player, but I'm sure this type of set would be useful for anyone planning a farming sim type of game, or just used as flavour for their towns and villages!

Actually, one recommendation while I'm here. You've been doing amazing work with the recent Ruins Kit and Modern Suites, which are designed around versatility and compatibility-- both incredibly useful. So a farming pack in that same vein would be amazing, a bunch of tiles for stages of growth and a plethora of different crop types. Either way, thank you for the hard work!

Couldn't've updated this at a better time, since I plan on pairing this pack with Everyday Town for the first major area of my project. Thanks again for the steady stream of tilesets, they're all extremely useful and pleasing to look at!

I'll be amassing your tilesets at a steady pace, but I just wanted to let you know how much I love these products! With how big and diverse my game world is supposed to be, I don't think I ever would have been able to actualize it fully (especially since many good tilesets are made exclusive for MV). So the KR tilesets are going to be my saving grace! Honestly I wanted to give a lot of recommendations, but for the most part you've already gotten most of what I need! Two recommendations I have however: 

- Sci-fi spaceship. Technically I can work with your Scifi Frontiers set, and will, but a dedicated modern spaceship set would work wonders (bonus points if you include an exterior for the ship!)

- Western "county" tileset. Different from medieval villages, more wild west-y and southern! 

Both would make great additions I think, and I'm sure would help more than just me! Regardless, I appreciate all your work!

PS. This might be too much extra work to be worthwhile, but I'd really appreciate VXA samples in the same way you have samples for MV. Still getting the hang of mapping well. :p